Monday, 12 August 2013


Please note first off that these are worth looking at if you do have anything from ARGOS and anything by NIKON!

Nikon pissed me off by asking me to send along the photos of the problems when I had already clearly stated that the camera FROZE but pictures were perfect.

Also note that Argos have people in store that can 'LOOK INTO IT' when actually they have no ability to do ANYTHING OF THE KIND!

My emails have not been kind and have become even more insulting and will get worse the more they speak like morons and treating me like one of their own?!


Dear Fergie

Please READ emails customers take time to WRITE. 


The camera is refurbished, you KNOW ARGOS ARE SELLING YOUR REFURBISHED CAMERAS and the camera FREEZES every ten shots.

I tell you what i can PROVE the cameras are refurbished and the faults as i have posted the evidence and video online and on YouTube and have contacted several national tabloids about it. 

i have also now informed Argos of what I have done,  so go away and you and your bosses can go and pull your heads out of your backsides and email me again and this time make it look like you have SOME level of INTELLIGENCE?!

Make note of that as i have 45,000 readers around the world will be able and are folliwing this as are two thousand new ones each week!

Martin Haswell BSc (make note)


Dear Mark Thompson

Odd that you have switched representatives on me but I think it is better this way.

There is nothing to look into I know what I know and that is all and the situation was not acceptable beforehand and I should have not let it slide so easily so now things are going to be different.

I have shot videos of the camera and taken pictures of the reciepts and placed them on the Internet and I have also sent loinks to my documents to a list of national tabloids.

Please explain what ever you mean by our colleague will look into this as you have no engineers in store, so you need to explain what you mean by this statement.

Things are what they are and it is what it is and I know how it is. It is what I say it is. Whatever perception you have of the situation at hand will NOT alter what it is and what is the truth.

These three products are all sold as new but are refurbished and do not think that because you have Nikon's blesing to do this that this makes it OK.

Also please do not assume that because you and Nikon are a huge organisation that this makes you smarter than the average man.

Please do not assume I am the average man.

At no point in my email did I state that you are intentionally angering me.

Please use the language of English when speaking and I asked you to be clear on your next email and...well you are not.

If you speak to me like an idiot then I WILL reciprocate and now I will explain in a very short list what you and Nikon seemed to have forgotten all about just so that the media are aware that YOU are well aware of it.

1) I have disabilities

2) Media content is my bread and butter and my JOB

4) I have a degree

5) I cycle 30 miles or more each time I attempt to get content

6) This started in February and I should have thousands more photos than I have and it is not beyond the realms of possibility that you have cost me £5,000 or a great deal more due to ruining an entire year by selling me someone else's faulty CRAP!

I have over a dozen websites and a YouTube account among other things. All that I have done with ALL your dodgy cameras are ALL ONLINE for ALL TO SEE.

This camera as was the camera before it and the camera before that are all refurbished and all faulty. This is not only REALLY EASY to PROVE but I have done so and published this online and sent links to the media.

Your treatment of me for a SOLID 6 months is disgusting and unprofessional and you do not deserve to exist as a company and those that colluded with you to mislead the public while defrauding them of cash for items not provided should not be allowed to continue!

Hence why I have now published it all and I cannot believe you gave me a third one, you should hear the recording of me BEGGING your staff NOT to sell me another refurbished and faulty camera and me saying 'please. please, please just provide me with a WORKING CAMERA?!'

Along with the videos of the camera FREEZING UP on YOUTUBE and the various receipts I have from you dating back to February and linked together with videos of BOTH the two previous cameras...

...well GOOD LUCK talking your way out of that one.

You will not realise this yet but not only have I proved this online but I also have a knack of ... making things difficult to ignore as that just lands the people in question, and anyone else linked to all this, look just as guilty.

This is how I approached all that I have done and you are not the only ones on my corruption list and were a late addition in all honesty but were extremely easy to fall into the same traps I used on all the other public offices and private companies.

I just never thought in a million years that the Argos name would fall onto my list but this explains why others I captured were arrogant. I guess they thought that your name would get more attention that their name?!

Now would you care to take a stab at getting your third email in a row WRONG?

If you do you may have to move on to someone with a bit more savvy, or I may move you on to someone a WEE BIT more awkward to deal with?! Like a journalist who may or may not contact me?!

Martin Haswell BSc

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