Friday, 9 August 2013


Right OK now I have been out and tested the new Nikon and guess what?


This is really annoying as it is not MUCH of a problem but I have had enough of problems and you have to ask yourself if it will get worse?!

Sometimes I half press the SHUTTER RELEASE to focus before FRAMING and nothing happens!! I release and then try again and NOTHING HAPPENS. I get fed up and press it the whole way and NOTHING HAPPENS. Well the last one is not quite accurate as about 5 seconds or so later it then takes a photograph?!

Example ...

Here is a shot of three aircraft in the sky...

Now here is the one where I attempted to zoom in...half pressed fed up pressed to take a picture, waited for seveal seconds and dropped my arm to give up and it took a photo of the path I was walking on?!

Otherwise it makes the Olympus look like it has NOT WORKED from the first day I had it!!...


Now these are the first few shots and in very bad light with a camera system I am not familiar with and yet they are STUNNING. On days with light like this and when I owned the Olympus SP-820UZ I would probably not leave the house with it some days and certainly would not cycle for 20 miles getting photos...

...that will NOT be the case here.

It also took time when first set up to focus, about twice as long as the Olympus, which initially pissed me off as it meant it would have to go back....AGAIN!!!

I had the Nikon D3100 in my hands and I did tell them at the store that if I then went and bought TWO LENSES, if I even HAD THE CASH, and the camera went wrong I would be livid.

The smaller Lowepro case that fitted the Olympus like a glove, the one I now call the PUKEY camera case it I puked all over it, is too small for this camera.

I also now have no less than EIGHT Rechargeable AA Batteries and a Energizer charger I have little use for as like my other Nikons this uses its own proprietary battery! Meaning I will now have to purchase another battery which will then be a waste of cash if I change the camera again?!

Thus far there has been nothing n the way of allowances of all this extra expenditure nor the time and the photo opportunities I have lost.

I am afraid to say that this highlights exactly what is wrong with the United Kingdom as many want to cast judgement, point fingers, keep their jobs and salaries and yet there is nothing in the way of understanding nor is the any offer of something for the trouble and money spent.

In February this year of 2013 I bought a Nikon L810 Coolpix for £120. This was faulty immediately and I then changed it but had to pay an extra £110 to get something else. This turned out to be the Olympus SP-820UX I was intially over the moon with but failed to realise that THIS was faulty form day one. Early on there was a loud noise when focusing and zooming but thought it just lesser quality than the two Nikons I had previously?! Now I have paid out another £70 and have this wonderful Nikon P520 Coolpix with some fantastic features I wanted all along that will help me IMPROVE my content on all my blogs and my YouTube account no end.

As I told them in store that getting a third one would be disastrous as this would be akin to three strikes in baseball?! Don't ask it was the first thing I could think of!

I was already apprehensive about the camera because when I un-boxed it, oh yeah I forgot I did a video of that, I noticed marks on the lens looking like skin marks. As I used a micro-fibre cloth to clean the marks away I then realised that bloody VOID sticker was on the box?!

Now for those paying attention both Argos and Nikon claim that the VOID sticker is NOTHING to do with them?! I posted the email from Nikon claiming that not a single box in their entire building regardless of where in the range we are talking about, i.e. COST, not ONE box has ANY stickers over the edging on the TOP of the boxes. So not them then!

But Argos claim that this sticker has nothing to do with them either but DID lay laim to the one that covered the VOID sticker that stated Argos Quality Control on it! Well they did not have much of a choice now did they as it did say 'ARGOS' in big red letters and like I said to the chap that spent an hour on the phone stating all their goods are brand new and NOT returns or refurbished stock, yeah heard the BEFORE from Shop Direct and it was BOLLOCKS then and it is BOLLOCKS NOW!

So what is one supposed to do?

Argos are clearly selling really shoddy electrical goods, and I had a crowd of people listening in on my claims to the staff in store, as are Shop Direct and no doubt others too?!

The absolute arrogance you get when you basically tell them too and they think that as they have wasted the most productive months of someone trying to work and make a career for himself that a series of apologies is all that is needed and then go and sell me more of their CRAP!

I never thought in a million years that they would be STUPID enough to do this to the same person three times in a row?!

I feel sorry for the staff that work in store as they are totally unaware to what they are party to, not anymore I can tell you.

I can also tell you this and that is the term AUTHORISED DEALER is not worth a wet.... day out with your dog! LMAO! AS now I w8ill email NIKON UK yet again with what has just happened and I bet I get no reply whatsoever?!


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