Friday, 16 August 2013


My bloody GOD!!

How am I supposed to get through to morons with bloody incompetent statements that only THEY think is clever?!

No pay, no say? Jesus idiot do you even know what happens to your money??

I myself cycle because I have to!!

I have physical pains but you cant tell when I am on the bike unless your fairly observant. But people do not stop and THINK and I do try to stay off the roads as much as I can ...

...if you have paid attention you would know I was involved in a bad road traffic accident I think is the cause of my pains today. Believe me when I say this that my accident happened precisely thirty years ago and my physical pains go back between a few years to over twenty.

It is probably fear of this link that the NHS has REFUSED to deal with any of my conditions correctly in over 20 years?!?!

So yeah I know more than I should and have experienced more than I should too.

Is there any such thing as 'road tax'?

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