Thursday, 15 August 2013


Oh I suupose I should put the images up that I ATTEMPTED to send to Nikon UK and four of these were sent to Argos.

I decided that only two pictures of the boxes were more than sufficient?!

Remember I have seen this behaviour go on at TWO other retailers too snd with BOTH these I have evidence of shenanigans that include Very, Littlewoods and a Motorola Atrix Smartphome (originally sold in USA) and another I have kept quiet about, lol.

Also B&Q Stores and a Bionaire Electric Fan which was actually broken, and I did not 'PICK UP' on it, out of the box but worked....well for 11 months then failed, lol.

Oh and the 'OMISSION' I refer to is there, lol. Or should I say NOT THERE?! LMAO!

Remember your buying an ITEM, that is why they make them so flashy and shiny!!

You are not handing over your hard earned CASH to purchase the ABILITY TO DO SOMETHING?! You can do that already with your phone, lol.

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