Thursday, 8 August 2013


Well what do you know?!

After several arguments with an idiot at Olympus UK I get a phone-call from Argos, after my email about the camera over-heating and refusing to focus.

Those of you coming on here long enough no that my email would NOT have held back in any way, lol.

I got a string of apologies and asked that I take this SECOND faulty camera back to their store?! Now it was a bloody cheek of them the last time as I then had to pay out the same amount again of the Nikon Bridge Camera I had already bought?!

Interestingly this model is now no longer available though it was new at the time?!

SO will I now have to go and shell out another £80 or more to get ANOTHER camera I should have received back in FEBRUARY?! I have also lost thousands of potential photographs and videos since then many of which I will now not be able to get until the Spring and Summer of 2014 as I blog about British Wildlife, among other things.

Anyway here is the receipt, as I will no doubt lose it tomorrow, to show you how I am now returning a SECOND faulty camera for a THIRD!! LMAO!

Some videos of focus playing up, more to come...

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