Monday, 26 August 2013


My bad it is the LGA and stands for Local Goverment Association and I thought it was 'I' for Idiot, lol.

I cannot believe they are that bloody incompetent and nor can I believe there is another body out there I have never heard of for Local Government who do nothing and lie about it.

That other body I have had correspondence with, all of which are published in here, is...

The Local Government Ombudsman or the LGO.

Told me they sent out a letter to my daughter several times that never arrived so that I would think she was a liar.

No cigars for that one. Originally went mad when they first heard initial details and wanted to throw the book at Wirral Council.

All Ombudsman pull the exact same tricks. Guarantee you things and then lie followed by really lame excuses, lol.

Stop being anti-car, councils told

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