Friday, 9 August 2013


Right now then?!

I had Argos on the phone as I think I previously stated. Right afterwards I walked into my friends store where he had a species of frog he knew interested me. This is the Cranwell's Horned Frog, Ceratophrys cranwelli, from South America which has a nasty bite and can eat rodents even RATS.

One in the video is only a youngster but could still put away MICE!

Now rather surprisingly Argos Customer Services phoned me up and a lady was very nice on the phone and asked me to return the camera to the store from whence it came. SHe asked me if I had any communication with Olympus and my words were 'yeah I did talk to some idiot ...but it did not go well'.

After walking back inside the shop, barely having time to say hello to the store owner friends of mine, I now say hi and try to take photographs of this frog. Only all of a sudden something starts to happen and after a couple of shots the CAMERA is now refusing to take more than a couple of shots?!

What was happening is after the second shot or so pressing the shutter release button would result in a monitor screen going dark and the telephoto lens returning to normal!

Oddly the very, VERY first thing I noticed with THIS camera is a loud noise compared to other cameras I have owned when the auto-focus or telephoto was operating which sounded more like a grinding. In fact after the Nikon fiasco I then immediately filmed it with my OTHER faulty and refurbished electronic device, my Motorola Atrix phone from Very Catalogue?! LMAO!

Now I hope this goes well and after their app saying they had my camera avaiable still and then there website saying last night they did not and this morning YES they do I have decided I do not want another of the same type and model, as before.

This leaves me with an either an alternative BRIDGE camera with the one I wanted originally with the NIKON P520 COOLPIX (was orginally going to get cash for NIKON L810 and go nest door to PC World and buy the P510) or go for an SLR!

The only thing is that despite lots of wildlife photographers and enthusiasts thinking you have to have an SLR, and with the completely WRONG lenses to boot 99% of the time, this is a weight that would be a pain in my ar....BACK!

I would need a macro and a telephoto and both fast too. This would be an extra expense for lenses too!

However as the temperature has cooled I plan to travel more on TRAINS to venture further afield so may not be a problem if I FORCE myself to do that?

Now what I wanted from day one is big telephoto, large aperture, optical viewfinder and hinged monitor as it is wildlife, lol.

So I do not know but I have given Argos food for thought as this has cost me money and time thus far and hundreds if not THOUSANDS of photo opportunities lost!

Being conned over advertising and blogging has not helped matters either!

SO I am popping to my friends store with the camera back in its original packaging and with receipt and an email printed out. I will have a coffee/tea and chat for an hour and then mosey on over to Argos and see of I can get some return for all my troubles.

Oh yes I need to remember both my PHONE and my WAV RECORDER TOO!!!

That REMINDS me I need to email Bionaire and B&Q too?!?!


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