Monday, 19 August 2013


To help my back, shoulder and right hand out from getting painful too quickly while I am out on my bike I tend to cycle with no hands a great deal.

I would have mentioned this previously but due to a fourth faulty camera I dug out my old Nikon Coolpix S8200 and while out filmed myself cycling with no hands, lol.

I have done this for a number of years now and when I think about it that when the NHS prescribed my Gabapentin, I now want to get off and into something else, it was bloody irresponsible as not only does it have side effects but I have now not come across anyone that they have not affected!!

They make me feel ill and dizzy and in fact I feel like that right now!!

To give that drug to someone who not only CYCLES but cycles NO HANDS a great deal because of pain to his right hand, back and shoulder while CYCLING is bloody STUPID and INSANE!!

I have eased mine down from the 900mg a day they wanted me up at, just too ill and the nurse I know tells me her daughter now wants to come off them too?!


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