Sunday, 11 August 2013


I am up early today and I have a reptile show to attend. I will be taking faulty camera the THIRD from Argos WITH ME and one in a long list of days THROUGHOUT 2013 when I have not had the correct tools on me I have either bought and not received or just been vastly overcharged for.

I was never going to spend much time investigating as I know what the facts are and there is nothing to discover but despite everything there may be some people who come on here who cannot read the writing when its in black pain on on THE WALL in front of them.

SO I did find a couple of links doing just a brief search...

This link the individual is CONVINED he or she has been sold a refurbished item as a brande new one.

This widepsread practice is now becoming widely known and make no mistake that these things have been ALLOWED to take place and continue to take place by a whole list of people who will want to point the finger at everyone else.

What is actually taking place is that a huge amount of distrust is building up among the public and has been for sometime. Caused and in no uncertain terms by

1) FAKE GOODS to which Amazon is rife and they do nothing about as well as the stupid repeating adverts for the same item. Of particular note are SD Cards amd Headphones like that of Beats as muppets by them to be fashionable instead of worrying about sound quality. Bizarrely some fakes ones probably last longer than originals, or its a myth to stop them paying out for their CRAP, which brings me onto...

2) SHODDY manufacturing which has also become RIFE! I have lost count of the number of things I wanted and decided NOT to buy due to bad reviews regarding failure within 6 to 12 months for items costing several hundred pounds...umm wait a, but that...

3) SELLING BOTH FAULTY AN REFURBISHED ITEMS AS NEW or NEW AND DISCOUNTED both of which is both illegal and immoral.

4) The trouble with the above is that those that make these decision think they are a cut above the rest and deserve the money they are receiving under false pretenses! Umm NO YOU DO NOT! You are nothing more than a criminal and a thief and what you DO deserve is going to prison and that is what my blog is all about.

Of course there is an alternative which comes into play if that last part is refused to be enforced by anyone and it is the worse of two evils. I am certainly not looking forward to that one if it ever became obvious that it was now inevitable!

You see I have always been confident in my thoughts and my words and sure I get the odd thing wrong. But that is rarely and the beauty of this blog is anyone can come, read and think what they LIKE. I have also said that they can think what they like and say what they like as many times as they like but not a reality does this make!

Then there is one other thing and that is that once posted in here it is SET IN STONE!

When that happens there is no turning back the clock or making excuses for bleating I was wrong!

YOu just wind up looking and feeling very stupid and that is ALSO inevitable! LMAO!

As for my ability to mix things up...

So if this is NOT TRUE, which it is, this leaves non believers on this front with only one alternative reality to consider...


So which one is it?!


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