Saturday, 3 November 2012


Well here we go again...

After spending a couple of days doing ... well other things today I get this letter, just to keep you all up to date.

So I really lose count of how many times I have been through this with them but I decided on 13 as this is now on the verge of becoming unlucky for them.

I will leave it a week and then fill it in, same as before but with stronger words this time around, as you have now become accustomed and send it off. By the time they get it things will be looking worse for them. By the time they deal with it and send me another letter with another date at the top or a large hill several miles and then some and several buses away during the RUSH HOUR of London and first thing in the morning when I have insomnia, things will be a great deal worse for them still.

In my endeavours I have deliberately shut down and thrown out all excuses by ALL the above before they can even make them. I have watched enough Public Enquiries to know that not only are the excuses seen by the majority of the public for what they are, lame and pathetic lies, but they still manage to squirm around them, much to our disbelief and horror.

Not this is the PRECISE reason I kept everything that I did, much of which posted here, and more importantly ANOTHER of the goals I set out for this blog. The longer it goes on following the same tactics then the more I get and the more appears on here. Combine this with this blog going 'under the radar' as far as these evil organisations are concerned then once it gets the attention all of it fully deserves making excuses will be a minefield made up of small nuclear devices spaced 6 inches apart.... for 100 miles.

It would be like trying to navigate the Demilitarised Zone between North Korea and South Korea?!

Still no word from my daughter. I have sent another email to a different email address in the hope that she might read it and just let me know they are all OK.

With a bit of luck that legal case and the main hearing is still planned for the 14th of 16th November, is now two weeks away. Hopefully this blog is looking to go beyond that date without notice, which is what I was hoping for and there will be, hopefully, two more things to occur that I can post on here.

Details of the court hearing, whether good or bad. Also a certain little date I have around 8 days after this hearing. Then of course there is the last of THIS crap, well I presume the last of it. I cannot see how they can continue with this course of action as it has gone beyond ridiculous already.

I used to say 'time will tell' but instead I will say that time is running out...

By the new year everything and all the numbers of viewers and posts will be in a very different world. Presuming that any legal actions against this blog would require a declaration of intention then I can state that even right now this will stay until the beginning of February if my assumptions are spot on. By then the word of mouth to the little anecdotal horror stories I have posted would have gone around and by then there would be a whole host of new viewers. I have also taken receipt of a book and there are two more to arrive during next week. With those containing ideas and any others I can 'cook up' myself then the reality will be very different, very different indeed for all the scoundrels, self-serving twats that think they can just destroy the lives of so many innocent people.

Maybe the infighting going on within the BBC I have heard about will catch and spread and the minions with morals among other organisations will act. Maybe even minions with morals may not want to be labelled as their masters inevitably will be and suddenly 'find' morals?!

Maybe then the evil doers will realise the game is up and eat a bit of game pie? After all and cutting to the chase and in the face of it they ARE seriously outnumbered and only a tiny minority.

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