Friday, 30 November 2012


Well this is about time as on BBC News this morning they were speaking about buying fake goods on-line?!

Well here is a tip for you, how about the goods that are not fake but break down after a month or three despite you paying £200 to over £400 for them, like headphones manufactured by Sennheiser, some of Monster Cables and others?

I have read only last night of one guy that bought them and failed after 3 weeks, got another pair and they did the same and then was REFUSED another pair or refund?!

Then there is all the refurbished electronic goods sold in Mail Order Catalogues that are way over the Recommended Retail Prices BEFORE your interest is factored into it and on top of that are NOT authorised dealers and so you get nothing in the way of a warranty either?! I mean I know that Shop Direct are rife with this practice through Very and Littlewoods but how many others do they own?! Also how many OTHER Mail Order Catalogues are AT IT?!

How and WHY are they allowed to do this?! How can it be that a seller can acquire products when they are NOT authorised dealers?! This kind of practise needs to stop and NOW!

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