Saturday, 24 November 2012


Someone on Facebook gave me an idea so I typed out an email just now and have sent it to the...

General Medical Council!!

Again it will hopefully amuse many of you?! ;)


Dear GMC


My first question before I make my complaint is that I am under the impression that a Doctor has to swear an oath to heal/heal people before he becomes said Doctor. Is this the case?

Secondly my complaint, and believe me you have never heard from me before nor know my name but in the coming months you most definitely will.

You see I have been messed about and pissed around for 12 years now, technically a lot longer.

I have physical problems with feet (several areas), knees, hips, groin and back and yet for years the NHS along with GPs and Hospital Doctors and specialists have no only ignored me and messed me around but refusing to give me a confirmed diagnosis which has cost me over £100,000 and even deliberately performed an MRI on my lumber region only when the parts of my back that are a problem was the REST OF IT. Just a few days ago I had a specialist physiotherapist look at me after confirming the MRI performed was wrong when she KNEW the middle of my back as well as the top have of my back have not one but TWO problems.

IN February 2012 I after using threatening language I was called in to Head of Staff at Barnet Hospital and immediately after was seen by Julian Livingstone and Dr Ray, or Day. I was discharged immediately afterwards and given to explanations to my feet and a totally pointless X-Ray on them when what I wanted and needed was an MRI?!

Only a few weeks ago I saw yet another Podiatrist and this go told me that everything I have been told up until now and that I was correct in my estimations all the way down the line?!

I was also told this by the specialist physiotherapist regarding my back.

I am also embroiled with a number of organisations regarding corruption, though I work alone and I help them and give advice. Of the many public offices who now fear me one is the DWP along with the DLA and Atos.

Now I can tell you this, one council has appeared in court due to my discoveries and there is another court case in January 2013 where they have to appear before one very angry Judge. Over the next 12 months there will be three others and the fallout will be devastating.

I have collected a great deal of evidence for a very long time and some of it goes back twenty years, the last 5 this increased exponentially to the tune of over 25GBs and needs 5 DVDs to fill. Despite giving these, which they cannot deny, to many tabloids and TV News networks my evidence has only appeared in spits and spurts and none of it associated with my. I never even had a reply from these emails but then I half expected this too.

During this time and all these battles, a great many where I was putting my own life in danger, and still is, to save thousands of lives I have also become entangled with the goings on with the DWP, DLA and Atos. Now please do not insult my intelligence as to what is going on as...
Not only do I know that Atos are crooks and not Doctors I myself have evidence against them, the DLA and the DWP and know that they are acting under instruction...

The problem is they are portraying themselves as Doctors and are asking GPs, Doctors, Nurses and likely specialists too up and down the UK to lie to get EVERYONE off Disability Living Allowance. Now I KNOW that many medical professionals have long since been aware of this and some found out via me!! In fact I have had a GP QUIT through disgust and CLOSE her practice and I have had a Dentist do this too?!?!

The Dentist in particular has for the last year expressed his desire to work for me as he is under the crazy impression that I will receive a medal, MBE and a reward and will do great things and admired by many people. This I thought amusing but there are signs lately that this may well be the case.

I have lost over £100,000 because of lies, cheating, inaction and corruption due to the NHS and the DWP and lives have nearly been lost in my family over it all. In fact just last night I spoke on Facebook with a woman called Margaret who IS registered blind, been told she will lose her DLA and was crying and wanting to commit suicide?! Me and several others spent until 2am talking her out of taking this ultimate action and the group page is filled with people that have a seething hatred for a bunch of civil servants who are nether CIVIL nor serve anyone but themselves and I note this is climbing at an alarming rate.
Now as a council of supposedly intelligent people I should not have to tell you nor explain in very graphic detail of the horrors this will lead to in the UK in 2013. If I do then you are a council of the VERY WRONG people.

A time bomb is ticking to go off and I am doing my utmost to stop it from taking place, do not doubt me on these things as if you speak to anyone that has know me a long time they would tell you that would most certainly be folly.

I am personally involved in many places over the Internet and I can assure you that the worst horrors are going to take place and the anger and hatred will spread. I also know that the government will deny any of it but I know for a fact they are the orchestrators and then plan to blame whoever else they can when it all hits the proverbial fan. The more people are directly affected then the number of people affected to the point of seething anger grows exponentially, base this in the theory of 6 degrees of separation if you so wish.
Now as YOU the GMC and overseers of medicine and medical practices and professionals throughout the UK I want to know how Atos and the DWP can claim to be Doctors?

Now I can prove that I have been correct when over 12 years plus the disagreements I have had with dozens of medical staff, that I was correct, they were WRONG every single step of the way and that I have been a victim myself of unneccesarry pain and suffering all because a bunch of people who treated the public’s taxes like it was monopoly money think they can starve people to death by making them pay to clear up there mess and not FIXING or TREATING THEM when they break down with physical injuries or ailments?!

As the General Medical Council, yet another body of hugely paid people like that of Ombusdman, I would like to know your official STANCE on this and what, if anything, you are DOING ABOUT IT?!
Because I guarantee both you and the government one thing, it these perpetrators, liars and self-serving self-obsessed people do not choose to stop this then I WILL!

Yours faithfully

Martin Haswell BSc


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