Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Are You a Deer in the Headlights?

I was making my second cup of tea this morning to take my pain killers as I prepared to out out to a friends store when I was thinking of the British public and their take on whether they think my site to be all factual or one of the most elaborate hoaxes of all time...

As I was doing so I kind of likened that some people would be like Deer in oncoming traffic blinded by headlights. Only on this occasion the car is being driven by hunters who are starving and you have handed them the keys! Added to this as they are speeding towards you and you are blinded by the intensity of the beams of light they are trying to comfort you by telling you everything will be alright and you are safe and they are coming for you and will take care of you?!

Yeah, I think that could just about sum it up in a nutshell?!


Some of you may notice by now that there are indeed many different facets to me and I can also speak on many different levels and I have tried to do this throughout the short time this blog has been live. That was around the 28th or 29th August 2011 and I have posted a great deal in a short time because I had a great deal to post!

Although there is more than enough available to you the reader it is not all and it is a shame and I am often annoyed with myself that I did not categorize and catalogue things better from the outset. But in all honesty even I did not foresee myself acquiring anywhere near this much evidence.

The data surpassed 25GB some time ago now so must be around 30GB I would imagine, give or take a GB or two. Yes there are likely many very choice things amongst that stuff and there is one NHS letter in particular I STILL need to find.

As to those of you with a keen interest in all this and for whatever else lurks in the depths of my archives, well I did send it all, when it fitted on FOUR DVDs, to all the tabloids. Even some local ones too (Liverpool, Manchester & London). If you can think of a national tabloid well they got it and despite the long list of subject matter getting into the news (minus me of course) every couple of weeks to couple of months for the last year the more sensitive has not. Maybe they are struggling for money because of dropping saes over the internet and did not want to acknowledge me so they would not have to pay, but I did not request money from them. A thanks would have been nice and it could have helped me make money from publication of my books but someone somewhere is obviously keeping me at bay.

Tsk-tsk, a real crying shame about this blog then, eh?

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