Wednesday, 14 November 2012


OK I over did it just a tad today and three buses failed to help!

I think I came the closest I ever came today to not making it home, in fact when I was thinking this while out I was on my knees in my local Sainsburys Supermarket trying NOT to come home with no shopping whatsoever!! Well I did manage it but not a great deal, in fact a pack of Yummies (long sugary doughnuts), Carpet Cleaner I have been wanting for 8 months and some liquid Persil washing liquid and cheap Sainsburys fabric softener. It was my usual fortnightly tobacco run and god do I really want to quit to not only save money (though only around £20 fortnight) but to do away with that journey which I sometimes have to do a second time a few days before the fortnight ends!!

God I hate feeling like this!

The reason being is I have wanted something for the longest time because it has become the state of play that any of the big names can rip you off or stealthily force you to buying something AGAIN when you already have one already?!

I had bought some Atomic Floyd Airjax 2 Titaniums a few weeks ago that I saw in a Cash Exchange type store. I had my eye on these on Amazon for the longest time and failed attempts to sell several personal items that any other time people would rip your arms off for they and other things stayed in the wish list. In fact over two years I can say with certainty that many items have entered, been deleted and re-entered my wish lists!! So when I saw these Atom Floyds for a third of their RRP and standing there fed up and in pain I offered the owner £10 less and he accepted!

But the Sweex Optimuo player I had bought early 2011 had always been a pain in the arse to operate, was faulty and now developing new faults. Added to this my smartphone produces crap sound, smartphones are not smart at all I can assure you, and even listening to it the battery will not last long and my battery is 1850mah and lasts longer  than most. I KNEW those battery times would be a problem when i was first entering the fray, I BLOODY KNEW IT!

So a new player was the order of the day but yet when you read bout the big name players all the audiophiles state crap sound too but there seems to be a reason for this. The NANNIES that are the EU have decided that all mp3 players maximum sound levels be limited?! Right so a product whos sole purpose for manufacture is to produce SOUND you have decided to limit?! Are you all dutch and smoke weed all effing day?!?!

I will be honest I cannot believe a bunch of people are actually all employed to sit in a room and come up with this crap?! I really do not it begs belief, it really does!!

So I went through the usual rigmarole of looking around, reading reviews, checking to see they play FLAC files, most do not curiously as it is the standard of choice?! Does it have enough memory and I have been through this previously and a tiny and damn cheap card reader slot is left it by the biggest names so you have to upgrade?! HEY WHAT THE FUCK?! How come the public are hammered over carbon emissions and taxes when this CRIME AGAINST ECO-FRIENDLY AWARENESS GOES ON?!?!

Talk about people in glass houses and all that. Governments should grow some fecking balls and put a stop to this carry on which is producing more carbon with these tactics that a hundred thousand families (eco-wise ones at least) do in an entire year?! So STOP talking about carbon footprints unless your serious and address the really big culprits and NOT the tiny ones!! Bunch of frail school girls these people they really are. Honour, honesty, morals and doing the right thing are all things NOT in their vocabulary.


I digress, yes so that is what I was doing while out for too long and after jumping on a bus to go to Waltham Cross I was sitting on the top deck thinking, this is going to be another wasted journey and I will come back with nothing. One player I had always loved the look of and though it ideal was the Sony NWZ A845...

Here it is in all its glory! This OLED long battery and beautiful!

But at 16GB it is a bit small on memory for a serious player and no SD Card Slot?! There is a 32GB one but you will pay £50 to £100 depending on the player for what sells for £7.00 retail and that is the price from industry leader Sandisk!

Now this player has been superseded by an uglier one but at around the same price RRP and called the Sony NWZ A865, as opposed to the A845 above. The newer model does no look anywhere near as stylish and has a bigger OLED.

Now this gets a little odd as in my nearest Clearance Store, or Currys PC World refurb store, they had one of these newer models with 16GB memory. It was in a clear box in a glass case and the price was £95?! So a refurbished or ex-demo player and still they were asking nigh on £100?! OK admittedly they were £130 to £150 from various Amazon dealers but still! It gets better than this as the one they had was WITHOUT ANYTHING you would normally get?! No BOX and No MANUALS but worse still no EARPHONES, NO LEADS and not even a CHARGING DEVICE!

Does that sound bad? Well according to what I had read on the Internet the supplied earphones cost around £70?! Making this players worth at around £40 to £50 as buying the missing bits would put you in the RRP ball park otherwise. Provided the player is BRAND NEW that is.

Terrible is it not?!

Well I have yet to disclose everything and it gets worse still ... the day before I got paid was when I saw it and I asked about coming down on price and the sales girl hummed and ahhed. When I left I ended up at their NEW PC World Currys Megastore a couple hundred yards away. I just wanted to see again what they had on offer and imagine my surprise when I saw the Sony NWZ-A865 brand new and WITH all the accessories for ... £109?!?! Do not believe me? ...

Well there you are so the next day I went in, remember this is very local, and I had £60 in cash on me to negotiate, which I have done beforehand with my laptop, laser mouse, DAB Radio and various other items.

But no they tell me the prices are fixed and I state well hang on that is first off NOT TRUE (pointing to the signs stating they auction things off) and that they will NEVER sell that at that price unless someone is completely stupid and told them of the price up the road which includes the £70 headphones and all the other gubbins?! Her answer?

'Well sir, I suggest you walk up the road and but it form there, you would be much better off.'?!?!

What? WHAT?! What the FECK!!

This is why your all going out of business and in all honesty I came out of there thinking that something smells very dead and for a VERY long time?! I was flabbergasted and in all honesty I smell an extremely large mutated from high levels of alpha and beta particle radiation ... RAT!!

I did not even go into PC World being utterly disgusted at this attitude which is anything but business like and wondered of they wanted to go out of business, the store is a tax scam for the Dixons Group or even a way to con money out of insurance companies. Well I hate insurance companies most of all so the latter would not phase me!

So there I was in an aisle in Sainburys trying to find a small pack of decaf tea which for some bizarre and unfathomable reason you cannot buy in small quantities, reduced to me knees in pain shaking my head at how fucking hard it is to do the most menial and mundane, daily routines with no fecking mp3 player in my hand but thinking ... 'well I should not have done it but that Sony NWZ A845 with Headphones and all the gubbins should turn up Friday or Saturday?!

Yes ladies and gentlemen and while on the bus packed with people and planning on visiting two more Cash Converter type stores I ended up ordering off Amazon the one I wanted most of all! Same memory, gorgeous to look at and well made Sony with the silver disc controls shown in the first photo! MINT CONDITION and for £5 less than what that obvious scam of a Clearance Store is selling the ugly refurbed one for minus the vital bits?!

So Clearance Store and Dixons Group ... stick that up your drain pipe and while we are at it ... WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU UP TO?!

I have been visiting this store for sometime. I know some of the workers and it has been open nearly a year longer tan originally planned and the prices are ALL SUSPECT!!

Someone somewhere came up with a dastardly plan and many I have spoken to when I suggest their store when they tell me they are after electrical goods they all say...

'They are not clearance store prices, I think its a con and I get fed up with going in their looking at stuff I want or need but can buy it cheaper online!'?!

Yes this is true and in all honesty I have been conned twice by them and ended up with four products and only one did I save money on. My laptop developed TWO faults and they have failed to fix one properly as the problem has returned in only two weeks?! I bought TWO Dab radios and only they did I get a good deal on. My HP Laser Mouse I was also conned on and THIS IS WHY the store is till open?!

Only I think people have wised up to their tactics and now they do these 'auctions'!

Also in their megastore I have heard the sales people misinforming customers as I walk by and come out with the most utter crap! One came up to me a few weeks ago with this real jack the lad patter and I said I knew more about this stuff than everyone here put together and do not need a salesman to advise me. The idiot only challenged me and stated he thought he knew more than me. I turned on a sixpence with what must have been a look of utter rage and fired of a continuous series of statements that had him turn and running for the hills.

Ten minutes later he was back and wanting to chat?!

YUP something very fishy is going on at that Dixons Group and it could just turn out to be some kind of death knell and that this group will go the way s many others have in recent years.

That same way as the DODO!!


Oh looking into a EU volume problem it seems everyone is moaning about it...

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