Thursday, 15 November 2012


Whoa! What a day...

After yesterday i took my normal pills before leaving (Tramadol 50mg, Paracetamol 500mg) but then just prior to getting out after held up 30 minutes I took more pills thinking I would need it.


My Metatarsalgia in ball of left foot was quite sore and I had a pain in right groin and right knee. This started to dissipate once second pills kicked in. Visited my friends Pet Store on Baker Street and had a chat and coffee and picked up an aquarium tube light for a mate and then took a third set of pills before limping off to get some other chores done. Another old friend called Steve walked in and he told us of his utter disgust with the NHS and had threatened them with legal action as they were putting OFF an operation for something there was no other way of dealing with, i.e. pills, physio are ruled out. Think it was hernia in intestine area and he was saying how he complained that he still had to work and doing so in a lot of pain when he had paid his taxes and contributions for over 40 years and this is what he gets for his money?!

Trip to town was quite uncomfortable by now and had to go Lidls, waste of time, 99p Store, not a wast of time, and then TESCO?! Was limping around Tesco Supermarket when the third lot of pills I had taken in three hours started to kick in.

On way home all was subdued apart from the Metatarsalgia in ball of left foot. But then with 150mg of Tramadol and 1500mg Paracetamol they bloody well should have been?!

Annoyingly the Metatarsalgia persisted in being sore and uncomfortable and though the pills had subdued this pain nowhere near enough!!

Added to this I kept feeling out of it and tired like I had not woke up and remembered feeling like this the same time last year, put it down to some deep down biological or psychological programming to want to hibernate, lol. Well it was noticeably colder than previous days?!

That is two days of doing chores I cannot do in ONE DAY. More to do but tomorrow no going out as will be murder and even buses will not help!! Grrr!!!

I am DONALD DUCKED!! AGAIN!!! I knew this winter would be bad, I just hope I acclimatise quickly as I tend to do but takes until January before it levels out. What I mean to say is every year the colder damper weather plays havoc with the painful areas though not all. Each winter is a little worse than the winter before. Funny how I can say that which then should make the reader realise I have had this for literally donkey's years to notice that this takes place and yet in all that time I have had sweet FA (feck all) from various Doctors and Health Professionals who are paid a fortune!

Oddly I had noted last night that TODAY there was going to be an announcement in Westminster whereby a bunch of Doctors are so fed up to the eyeballs with all this at the NHS that they are forming their own political party to go up against the three usual suspects?!?! They will be called National Health Action, I believe it was and bloody hell... HATS OFF TO THEM I SAY, HATS OFF?!?!

Well lets up its not a bunch of Doctors paid off to do it to keep the public happy! You just cannot put anything past anyone of late you really cannot. Not keeping even the most ridiculously crazy sounding possibilities in your conscious mind will lead to getting whipped while your pants are down!!


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