Saturday, 24 November 2012

Littlewoods Very Motorola Atrix 4G Price SPOTTED

Oh and I also forgot... while out Lo and Behold what do I find locally???

Here is a picture of the same MODEL of phone that Very sold me earlier in the year!

Now this is a store called CEX which are notoriously expensive for their products 90% of the time and this time I feel no different! They have iPhone 5s for £800 in the store, do not know how or who would pay but you get many naive teenagers in their so I guess they must fall for the pricings?!

Also I saw Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows on Blu-Ray for £12 used when the night before I had seen it in my local Sainburys for £9.99?!

Yes so they are was overpriced for what you are getting already, but still Very manage to make them look like a walk in the park when pricing is concerned!!

But it is only £135 and more importantly IT WORKS!!!

Remember my phone from Very was already used, DROPPED previously and has over a dozen FAULTS and many basic features are quite simply unusable and that cost...

£350 from VERY!!

It was also a phone that had been released over a YEAR beforehand too!

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