Sunday, 4 November 2012


Well, well, well there is a surprise ... evidence of a solicitor doing the same tricks and lies, oh well maybe not surprised per se, as all the others.

I approached this organisation to clear a BT bill I had since I was robbed of my DLA 4 years ago, which was bot even given for my physical health problems. I approached them, I set up a account and they issued me with the means to log on and I started paying.

Now this was only a matter of a few weeks ago.

I got a letter through the door tearing strips off me as I was a couple days let paying?! At the exact same time there was another letter saying thanks for the payment everything back to normal.

Annoyed I withheld payment for another two days to send the message I am not going to quake in my boots just because they are a solicitor and when I went online to pay I would also contact them and remind them that I APPROACHED THEM and that this was NON-CONTRACTUAL.

I was also planning tp up the payment to £20?!

When I logged in a was faced with a warning message that I had broken the agreement, was now £20 in arrears (£20?!?! No good at maths onbviously) and that for the agreement to continue I would have to pay £15 in my next payment... I paid them £10 and told them to feck off in a manner of speaking and to take me to court!


What you get for approaching to pay, now you pay how much THEY want and WHEN they want and that even change the damned goal posts too!!

Well they can sit on this ... and SPIN!


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