Thursday, 29 November 2012

Atos & Official Secrets Act Possibilities

OK this is going to be an enjoyable one to speculate on here and as I previously posted I had a day to think about it while I was out, at least when I was not chuckling over Simon, Dental Practise owner, saying he was sorry to hear I was losing my eyesight which was complete news to me!

As many of you know Atos has been around awhile and has undergone some name changes it seems and I was not aware until I looked into them but I HAVE met them previously and been assessed on a number of occasions. You might be surprised to learn that I PASSED every single time.

This might be why they have done everything they can to avoid me. Well that and the fact I have been ripping shit out of them the last couple of years which I then focused heavily on around February 2012. Late February 2012 I was also telling them, along with DWP, that I was aware they were lying and cheating the British Public and that I WILL EXPOSE them for what they are.

Right now onto this OSA thing. A look around at sites and I have come across a few that are asking the same thing as me. It is nothing to do with the confidentiality issue as friends I spoke to today think it is. However I have a few things to point out..

First I will NOT go into how long Atos have been around and their couple of name changes but WHY NOW?!?!

Secondly and this one is the theory I am most hopeful for is that Atos are now being conned by the Puppet Masters?! I think they know the game is up and that just in case all comes out they stop anyone at Atos blowing any whistles and letting the cat out of the bag by getting them to sign it...

Now what Atos and/or its employees may not know that if it turns out that a great injustice and a crime against the public IS being committed to the point whereby successful legal action can be taken, as I have long warned them I WILL DO, then Atos will hang themselves and take ALL the blame. This is typical of the powers that be in this country and a suspicion of what will happen with Wirral Council I was already well prepared for for sometime now.

Now whether the Atos bosses KNOW this and will let their appointed Doctors take the fall while THEY take the money I do not know. A Social Worker who was NOT to blame for everything my daughter went through and only handled her for a few months is being sought at the school he now works and being issued with a summons. His name is Ben and will likely appear at the 3rd January 2013 hearing.

 All I can say is that there are a great deal of incompetent idiots out there but then if they are such low-lifes that  they can do this job and stab the public in the back this way all for money then I have no sympathy for them...

However it makes me mad and I will not accept the Puppet Masters to get away with this! The fact I was already aware of this long ago that it does not come as much of a surprise....

Interesting fact number TWO and this one is the KEY...

Atos headquarters, and I mean their REAL HQ, is in Paris in France and I imagine that there are the Puppet Masters to the front line people they hire. Well in the event of any legal cases starting up well they are in France so... Official Secrets Act is for Great Britain is it not? I myself being based in Paris would feel, pretty safe from that and I cannot see any nations really caring much if David Cameron started screaming about the OSA?!

Clever bastards!! They get loads of cash in a contract and employ the Doctors and staff who are based and likely ARE British who then take the fall when the proverbial hits the fan while they are safely back in the land of Croissants and Cheese?!

At the end of the day one of two things is the case and that is that either something has happened or the Puppet Masters now suspect something will happen and are all setting out plans to cover the arses.

I will need a little more time and quite possibly a little more information if I am to stand any chance of getting to the bottom of this. But I can tell you this much and for me this is a 'whites of their eyes' moment and will be like the proverbial terrier to get to the bottom of this!

It is disgusting that the Official Secrets Act is being abused in such a manner and for such sinister and selfish reasons!! DISGUSTING.

Now is anyone thinking along the lines of the words ... 'WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION'?!?!

I feel like an incident along those lines whereby certain privileges have been abused that will make yet another area of British err what IS the word I am searching for ... INDUSTRY is being ransacked and abused to serve a small amoral minority!

These powers of for NATIONAL SECURITY and I do not see how mugging a bunch of wheelchair bound crippled people comes anywhere NEAR CLOSE TO THIS?!?!?!

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