Friday, 9 November 2012


Well there they go again...

This morning on BBC London Radio they are speaking about the NHS Complaints just been divulged and who is it that is vocal?

EDIT: 8% Rise in complaints this year which amounts to 16,000 people. If there were complaints of this number on a TV programme ... well HEADS WOULD ROLL!! LMAO!!

The PHSO or the Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman and someone who features in this blog?!

They have expressed CONCERNS but an email was just read out about someone who complained to them about treatment towards their child and their complaint was THROWN OUT!

Is it not strange that yet another body I have been involved with and another one I have covered in this blog has suddenly become vocal?!

I should now produce a list of the organisations that I have NOT heard suddenly become vocal! There is on body in that list that I did not even know existed until a year ago but is prominent in sections of my archive, which I only started 10 weeks back... I will not type that name here but I am very keen to see if they suddenly get mentioned in the news or on radio at some point.

One caller explained how they had been put off by a GP for a couple of years and then had to tell their GP they obviously did not have a clue and order them to refer them. Result? He had developed a tumour which had grown in the two years he was being fobbed off.

They need to realise on the show and the news that focusing on GPs is not the order of the day and nor is it the solution! They have had their hands tied and in a most deliberate fashion.

It is time to go after the Puppet Masters and NOT the Puppets!! Wake up and smell the coffee.

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