Wednesday, 21 November 2012


After waking up very early and with a significant amount of pain in my legs and knees I got to hear abut these Food Banks that I honestly had not heard of beforehand.

I should not have been but I was shocked to hear what I did. Thousands of people in London alone are starving and go to these stores to survive?!

I thought the idea a good one, hope and a positive sign that there are good people out there and that anyone reading this who may be suffering in this way would benefit fro knowing about them.

It seems there are 38 stores

Women with children should be made aware of these food banks and I only hop I can get the message to anyone in need. They are based in High Streets it seems and there is one in Peckham in South London.

One woman who spoke on LBC News told of how ashamed she was that when her child came home from school she could not offer him a decent meal?!

A representative stated how people came in who were ashamed and that many families with children are affected in the 1,000s in London alone?!

I can fully appreciate the feeling of being ashamed over this and whenever I run out of cash I have a penny jar I take to my local supermarket and I always go late so that not many people are about, something I will likely have to do in a couple of days due to spending too much money on a Sony Walkman, albeit second hand and money that was ear-marked for bills to organisations that have...

PISSED ME OFF with their recent cheating!


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