Sunday, 18 November 2012

Requested Help of Birkenhead Court?!

I forgot to mention this ...

As some of you are aware I linked a YouTube video to a brawl in Birkenhead Court which keeps getting banned but still goes up, nice.

I also stated to those that paid attention that there was a Min Court Hearing that was supposed to take place on the 14th or the 16th November 2012 which has now passed and yet again for the umpteenth time in 17 years the authorities have found a way to keep me in the dark and shut me off.

To put this to the test I emailed Birkenhead Court and explained the situation and provided BOTH full names of the two going up against each other...

Though technically on the opposing side along with the evil mother is also the paedophile ex boyfriend the English Defence League boyfriend of my evil ex, not doing his cause any favours I can assure you, and added to that is the Social Workers Department of Wirral Council, i.e. Senior Management of Wirral council.

I was asked to be there but have lost all contact with my daughter and nor have I heard form her solicitor so it is just a question of waiting ... AGAIN!!

I thought this time around I was prepared for everything but it seems I was wrong and yet again I have been forced out into the cold when trying to get to and expose the truth while trying to protect my daughter abd two grandchildren ... go figure!

Well this is the reply I got which is about as much help as a fart in a romantic bathtub for two?!?!


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