Thursday, 8 November 2012


Had to make a Doctors appointment I meant to have weeks ago regarding my vomoting involuntarily.

While out I went to the main library to check these blogs as I can never see if they are working correctly, they are than god.

I have had a great deal of headaches this last month ad today was a king size one as i stated on my Facebook account. SO that prompted me to go out to the Docs and I popped into a friends for a cup of tea and a chat about this kind of stuff on this blog, well it always ends up on this subject as so many conversations I have lately do.

Due to going out too much and not using my bike my feet were overworked and my headache was pretty distracting so by the time I had left the house I had taken already...

100mg Tramadol
1000mg Paracetemol

But while in my friends shop the headache was not shifting and feet were being extra cruel and I ended up taking another 50mg Tramadol and 500mg Paracetemol.

So I sat in the library on a computer for an hour researching blog viewer numbers and checking these and spotting they need so ... tinkering. So I got to rest, then thought I had seen a ghost as someone that was a spitting image of my late friend, Kenneth Walter Bunn, to right down to the clothing. Tried to get a photo of him on my smartphone but he ducked behind a book rack. When I searched the library for him but nowhere to be seen. Ken was a regularly in my friend's pet shop in Baker Street in Enfield and I wanted to show him the picture of how reminiscent of Ken this chap was. I failed to find him.

On leaving the library I had my least problematic walk back home that I had experienced in a very long time. So I thought right OK it takes...

75% of my daily allowance of TWO painkillers to deal with the pains for a couple of hours?!

Interesting conversation I am going to have with this new GP.

Will also be interesting to see if he lays the blame of the headaches on the Tramadol and then tries to give me a cheaper and less effective drug?! Odds are pretty good on that front I think?!

So interesting walk home, surprised I did not flake out and wake up hours later on the pavement, sidewalk if your american! LOL! Had not eaten much you see and normally not good as I get pretty nauseous.

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