Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Further to my recent remarks today on another of my blogs I found music player that I thought would tick all the right boxes of my current requirements, albeit barely with the memory sizes for lossless audio...

Remember these are portrayed as MUSIC PLAYERS to MUSIC LOVERS and we are all well aware they are anything but. Two companies, one Colorfly the other Cowon, are the only ones to my mind that come close to this but at a high price (latter) and incredibly high price (former).

Unfortunately the one I have seen means going to the ... dark side with the manufacturer and that means Sony. Still it could be worse as it could be Apple, lol!

The model in question is the...

Sony NWZ-A865B 16GB £144

Now bizarrely I came up with a discrepancy here that I had spotted before and forgotten about and that is the vast, and I DO MEAN VAST, difference in prices for the extra memory that is quite honestly a rip off!

Now the above model I can find on Amazon for around £140 but have seen it in a local store for under £100.

Yet the one below, which would be far better for FLAC file storage has an extra 16GB but costs you a premium of £176?! Oddly Sandisk Micro SD Cards of that size are ... currently £7.00 on Amazon so why are they allowed to make £176 for hardware that is £7?!?!

More to the point WHY is this not outlawed?!

The number differences coincide with the differences in memory with the 5 above referring to the smaller memory installed and the 6 just prior the the 'B' being the larger. This seems to work this way with all the MP3 Players made by Sony that I have seen. I do not know how they sell these players at all, I really don't! I wonder if they will do what they are now stating to do with their TV manufacturing and instead of being sensible and not utter twats towards their customers will refuse to make any more and announce cancellation of production?!


Sony NWZ-A866B 32GB £320 (extra £176?!)

I used to adore Sony as I did Apple and many other companies that I could mention and I am sure I am only one of a fungous number of people that used to feel like that but now have nothing but contempt for these companies.

Like I said I may have to go over to the dark side!

Oddly I noticed something else, I visited PC World while I was out and not ONE player had an SD Card slot?! Yet they SELL memory cards and there are plenty of players around that do. As long as they are not Samsung, Sony, Philips, Apple and a few others...

Sandisk (famous for quality memory chips), Transcend (like Sandisk) and another and arguably bigger name is Creative and their Zens!

I also checked Tescos and Sainsburys and the same applied with the latter only having a board up stating they now stock the latest Apple iPods but had pictures of the previous 6th generation?! Oh dear!

Now why would stores that have racks of memory cards NOT stock the players that take them and sell ones no one wants or half of us do not want?! Plus the ones that will NEVER sell?! When I say never sell I mean like the £320 32GB Sony listed above and if you have not worked it out for yourselves that is £10 PER GIGABYTE!!

Bloody good job hard disks are not priced like that?!

These overseas manufacturers must think we are bloody stupid to pay these premiums?!

Here is a little info for the naive, cut-off moronic and greedy corporates who insist and this kind of practise, we are not bloody stupid and can see what your doing! If your having difficulty selling stuff then these are the very reasons why!!

Not only have I had a phone conversation with a Sony representative about this but I also warned them what  would happen eventually and I also told them that once upon a time I did not buy anything unless it had the Sony name or or was of a higher quality and price beyond that they manufacture! I said that now I go out of my way to avoid anything with the Sony name and have done for ten years but now wonder I am about to eat those words?! lol.

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