Friday, 23 November 2012


Oh yes well OK that number is a joke but then so is the time it has taken and by all accounts from the wording an inordinate amount of time is still to be taken.

Maybe from the backlog they refer to they are holding all the cash back until such a time the government has had enough money and then out of the blue 6 months or a year from now aware everyone the money, with no backdating of course. Hmm now there is a theory?!

I have not acquired all the answers and reasonings... I'm not Superman, you know?! LMAO!


Yes I had not noticed this envelope hiding beneath the usual junk mail that itself was hidden my the book to help with my Pet Project.

Now this is ICE, the Independent Case Examiner who I asked sometime ago to look into my case and as you can see from the letter for a claim application for DLA I put in back in February 2011 (for those that will be reading this a couple months time in February/March onwards 2013 lol). Stating they are Independent but something that should be noted by readers is that of their email address. I had never heard of them before I started using them and in all honesty I saw them as no more than a stalling tactic and an in-house design to...

'keep the public busy and occupied'

Now if you like a good belly laugh you may ask yourself WHY THEN did I use them?

Well because first of all I keep stressing about the bigger picture and if I can prove that they are just more EYE CANDY like the Ombudsman of this forsaken land then I can forewarn YOU! I always forget about them until the next letter comes through the door after two or three months.

Hmm did I not say I would give the readers a laugh? Oh that would be the second reason and main reason I contacted them...

Well I said that they were designed to keep people busy and act as eye candy? I have also said that I have used many of their own methods, or inept workings (departments do not speak to each other in the same building?)?

Well I use them so that the powers that be THINK I am occupied in the heop they would not suspect me of getting up tp anything and therefore do not know about this blog for as long as possible!!


Oh dear it sems I have hit my storage limit on BLOGGER?! LMAO

Oh dear I hope that only applies to this blog as I have eleven others and plans for at least FOUR maybe FIVE more?!?!

If so not very sporting Google?! lol

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