Saturday, 10 November 2012


Hmm an interesting one...

I have previously stated in other posts about these Charity TV Events where many celebrity figures appear and are congratulated for giving up a few hours for free to appeal to working class people already struggling with taxes to hand over money hand over foot for 'good causes'.

Strange then that lately more and more are being discovered to not only donate a tiny percentage but that now it turns out they are not paying taxes either?!

So it has emerged that their is a news media reports regarding avoiding tax payments and hiding money by HSBC and that there are a long list of celebrity figures on this list.

Now instead of these people siding up to everything they can to make themselves look good or save money or avoid taxes they need to make some kind a statement and practise what they preach, or in the case of comedians what they take the piss out of?!

Do they come out and state that they really believe the whole system is corrupt and they refuse to pay taxes due to the fact that all this money is just WASTED on the wrong things, or going into people's private coffers?

i have often found it strange that no public figures have ever actually echoed what many people in the street, or Joe Public, thinks and feels and that is that either of of the main parties have a clue nor can be trusted.

Also it has been stated to me that Newsnight is in trouble when I have stated over and over again that many of these things are bloody pointless, get two opposing MPs, or more, ask them questions they will either never answer in a million years or lie and then have someone like Jeremy Paxman get angry with them for not answering what they would never answer anyway.

This is no more than public entertainment akin to a bout of Boxing!

The point is that no one ever admits, whatever the reason, the truth and real issues that you can get to the bottom of are completely ignored for shows, chat shows and news with a waste of tie with stupid questions that in 30 minutes or more and at the end, save the raised voices and sarcasm, Joe Public is none the wiser regarding the subject.

God what an almighty waste and a terrible smoke screen this is, well to me it was obvious for the longest time and a programme that I SHOULD be interested in watching I normally avoid...

I do not even know what it is they are in trouble over and someone said that they thought they heard that Newsnight will be or might be axed?!

Now that WAS a surprise?!

I said it before and I will say it again what the hell next and will add ow what the hell after the next thing ... and what the hell will come out after that ... and after that?!

It is not funny really but ... LMFAO!!!!

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