Saturday, 17 November 2012


So after a number of news revelations that are shocking and troubling to say the least I had some time to reflect on things at little the last day or two.

Today is a Saturday, 17th November 2012 to be exact, and very rarely I was out of the house yet again after deciding it was going to be a day I would not venture out, as so often is the case with me.

I do not normally venture out for anything on a Saturday as it is too busy for me and to be honest this is largely to do with the attitudes of others that I believe is probably why my blog is not going quite as quick as I thought, after checking the Analytical figures.

Yesterday was the 16th and this in turn means that Wednesday was that 16th November 2012. For this that may have not realised, forgotten or just simply not cared, this was the two dates that the Main Hearing for my daughter was supposed to take place?!

I was supposed to attend, I was supposed to get a copy of the court paper, therefore KNOWING what date and time it was but I have not had any contact from my daughter at all in around two months, which is a record for the last couple of years!

So now I have to sit and wait to see if I get to hear at some point. There was an attempt by one ordered to appear at court to delay the hearing date and it could well be that either he was successful or it was delayed for some other reason. But for whatever reason my daughter did not contact me beforehand it is very strange indeed that she has not phoned me as she normally cannot wait to tell me of anything major that happens to the people that have been behaving like her enemies in her life.

So today I was out being bustled and knocked sideways, walked in front of, blocked and god knows what else by a large number of women and though men do this to I find it somewhat strange that it is always largely women. I did not know what goes on in their heads psychologically when they are shopping and I have often heard the jokes from stand-up comedians and endless women in my past tell me that men cannot multi-task and to a woman it is second nature?!

Not from what I have seen it is not and in fact I am often apologising for any bumping which I do not get apologised to in return, I get funny looks from women wielding children if I have inadvertently walked across their path even though I AM limping and holding a walking stick?! I do get apologies from women but a frighteningly and worrying small percentage of them and hence I do not shop on Saturdays especially anywhere busy like a High Street!

Today was no different and in my town there seemed to be an effort to raise up some kind of Christmas spirit and I actually had a guy dressed up as a clown on STILTS walk past me?!

In all honesty when i set up my blog I thought that in no time at all it would go crazy and viral but it has failed to do this thus far. There have been enough viewers on there and the shocking nature of it I thought would lead them each to tell several people who would then go on the page and they themselves tell several people and so on and so forth. Looking at the numbers this does not appear to be taking place and though the numbers are in the several thousand now I did think it might have been in the tens of thousands by now.

Worryingly there is only one reason I can currently think of that this would be so slow and not meeting my expectations and that is that the attitudes of people are like those I witness when I am out on a busy day such as today....people do not care unless it is happening to them personally... which is a shame as they will soon come running if and when it does happen to them.

This is why I said that my pages are only for education purposes and to help, a kind of attempt to bang people's heads together and smell the coffee as you do not want to close the stable door after the horse has bolted. This is why the UK and a great many other countries are in the state they are in today and carrying on with this kind of Ostrich like attitude will lead to very bad things. I do not have to explain my meanings as this is already well on its way in other countries and even for them there is worse to come...

Some things were shown on the TV News in the UK about rioting going on in a few countries like Portugal, Spain and Italy but what they did NOT SHOW and I do not remember them mentioning it is that this actually took place in 24 European countries?! Read that again TWENTY FOUR?! Now each of those countries would have had several rallies, marches or protests going on and I dare say that in Spain alone Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao would have all had them. So with 24 countries exactly how many marches were there and why did they not explain this, nor have filing of it on the TV NEWS?!

I think the number 13 for next year is going to be very unlucky for many places around the world in all honesty and despite my lack of understanding of the way things are done in other countries I have been attempting to show people what is at the end of the journey in the hope that any worst case scenario can be avoided. So far apart from a few I appear to be singing to the choir?!

I am asked lately of a date time for anything to kick off and I say the same I always do, next March to May and everyone nods in agreement, 'Christmas and Winter weather out the way...' and I say ' your getting it!'

Festering, that is the main problem. People should not ignore it, leave it, put it off for this reason or that because this FESTERS and when this happens to a large number of people and they get together for a protest march that festering turns to talk, turns to frustration that turns to anger and it all depends on how many Ostriches a country has and here in the UK with our over the top Political Correctness, made WORSE by the idiots in the news and tabloids, everyone is like a pressure cooker at boiling point and thrown together is like lighting the touchpaper.

I will make a statement now that I know that in time when people speak to me I will refer back to this page, this day and this time and say ... I said long ago that if people do not make a stand now and start to have their voices heard, deciding to be like an Ostrich instead will actually cost lives later on!

This is one of the things I am trying to avoid. This is what I want to avoid and despite what I have achieved in the last 18 months I am STILL trying to do that and prevent a catastrophe that is waiting to happen. Ignoring things will not make them go away and nor will finger pointing either!! If by then there have been hundred thousand people form the UK on my blogs who then all want to turn to me when the city or cities are crumbling around everyone's knees I WILL state that I did my part, I did try to teach, educate and WARN people. I also stated that I hated politics and did not want to get into this field and NOR did I want to be a leader! I tried to prevent the destruction and loss of life and now its a mess you want to come ad ask me?! NO!

THAT IS WHY I STATED that I am not after anything with this. I have a door open to secret things that are present on the inside, NOTHING MORE.

So it may take a little longer than I thought it would. With April and May 2013 fast approaching it will be a bit of a close call and looks increasingly like it was go down to the wire.

Will enough people care about the outcome, their country, their friends and their families to tell each other of all this and therefore preventing the bullshit from the government to continue to bring this country to its knees?

I am doing my part and then some ... and then I have done some more. Can telling others you care about about a blog that foresees danger really be that hard?! I guess it can.

So I have to rely on a tiny percentage of the public that do care and do have a conscience and hope that the word gets around in time before the trouble kicks off.


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