Wednesday, 14 November 2012


OK here we go, found out these following facts on a forum...

We will start of with the actual EU Volume limitation amount which is...

85 dB

As for the rest of daily life.. (my notes in brackets)

softest audible sound 0 dB (umm what?!)

normal breathing 10 dB (as opposed to being dead which reads 0dB lol)
rustling leaves 20 dB (ohh watch out, EU be after cutting down trees before long!)
whispering 25 dB (oh in more trouble then the trees)
clothes dryer 60 dB (hey EU silence that one! what about launderettes.. I should NOT hve said thaaaat?! lmao!)
normal conversation 60 dB (skirting with danger)
dishwasher 65 dB (edging closer to disaster)
car 70 dB (you would think they would have pushed for electric cars years ago?! lol)
busy traffic 75 dB (silencers sticking out ears??! LOL)
alarm clock 80 dB (close to EU limit, uh-oh watch out alarm clocks lmao!!)
noisy restaurant 80 dB (oh crap restaurenteurs watch out!)
average factory 85 dB (oh dear money involved this will be last to be affected!)
screaming child 90 dB (vision of women on park benches with prams and gun silencers sticking out their ears?!?! LMAO)
subway train 100 dB (OK as money is involved)
diesel truck 100 dB (OK as money is involved)
jackhammer 100 dB (OK as WORK and therefore MONEY is involved)
helicopter 105 dB (rich are not affected lol)
power mower 105 dB (err as above lmao)
shouting in ear 110 dB (ohh watch out, silencers sticking out mouths and ears?!)
live rock music 90-130 dB (umm I will not even go there PMSLMFAO)
football stadium 117 dB (too much money involved form too much debt lmao)
band concert 120 dB (err...)
thunder 120 dB (hmm tax and thunder to deal with peoples ear problems in later life? Haha!)
car horn 120 dB (oh dear will get muted til thousands kids are dead and too many drivers in jail for what will be the EU's fault?! LMAO)
jackhammer 130 dB (*sigh* work ... money ... yadda yadda yadda)
air raid siren 130 dB (?!?! Err what?!)
noisy squeeze toys 135 dB (Oh my god that is so bloody funny!!!)
gunshot 140 dB (probably dead so does not matter, use a silencer just in case your a bad shot?! PMSLMFAO)
jet engine 140 dB (money work jobs yadda yadda yadda destroyed Concorde cos their jealous yadda yadda yadda LMAO)
rocket launching 180 dB (death rather then noise is your biggest problem here lmao)
loudest sound 194 dB (is it? and what might that be then?)

Hmm did not think this list would turn out to be bloody hilarious in places?! LMAO!!!

So funny AND intersting, ust the kinds of lists I LOVE!!


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