Thursday, 8 November 2012

"The Only Thing Evil Needs to Succeed is for Good Men to Do Nothing!"

I thought of this today after typing on a Facebook page about corruption in the DWP.

After while it seemed the person in question, who was about to be made homeless due to the trick of offering £100 short of what you need knowing you wont take it because it will not help you and therefore save money but later state that they did try to help.

Err you get my drift.

Well I told her about the blog and she did not ask for it. After awhile she started stating things like I should not bother, look after number one, there will always be evil and corruption and stuff along those lines.

Now I am not being funny here bust she started to sound like a plant and a government representative. trying to 'mix things up a bit'. What was odd was that she had stated she was on the verge of killing herself so I piped in with some stuff, some support and thought that the contents and evidence on the blog may help her. But next she started going on about looking after number one and that everyone is not my responsibility?!

She also remarked about how I have destroyed, unless it has all gone awry, that council and that I should HELP them?! Err how do I help an organisation that is hell bent on lying and knowingly placing children in danger?! WHAT?! Umm no dear, lol.

I then thought that she must be religious when she started talking about forgiving them and that seems to solve everything and I thought how do I point out that this philosophy is not helping her?! Also after what she had posted it was a bit silly to start then telling others the solutions.

So what started out as me trying to help someone suddenly became hard work and I remembered why I do avoid going round pages, forums and such like and posting stuff. As no matter who starts these things up there is a tendency for the moderators or creators to think of themselves as holier than thou and that being the creator makes them experts. Anyone who has been surfing the Internet for the longest time as I have will know EXACTLY what I mean.

Separating the wheat from the chaff is an arduous task and becoming more so all the time.

I have no idea whether or not she has come on here to see if anything is useful but as she was typing I suspected not. If she had read all this no one in their right mind would say the things she had done to me, lmao!

Now this is a very good reason WHY I have stated so many times that this IS my way of helping and that I do not want to be proactive in anyway. Nor do I want to be some kind of leader I merely want to help people, show them what I have, tell them what those around me and I have been through and expose the truth. It would be great if many organisations and campaign groups realised they needed to work together too?!

In the end I remembered that quote I put up as the title and it is NOT mine but I have always remembered it!

"The Only Thing Evil Need to succeed is for Good Men to DO Nothing!"

I put that on the page for another women hoping the first person would see it and think about things.

I also wondered why she had even gone on that FB page if her attitude is to forgive everyone, let them carry on as she is while she throws herself of a bridge?!

There is a psychological profile I do not understand. The government will be hoping for far more of the general public to be just like that over the coming twelve months. I hope to prove that the vast majority are nothing like that.

God I hope not!?! Or at least I hope helps people that think like this to see the light?!

I am not a miracle worker despite what some have thought!

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