Sunday, 4 November 2012


Well it seems after first hearing and seeing small references to people DYING because of Atos for some months now I was sent this link today.

So poor peoples lives are expendable by the bucket load it is now beginning to seem but THEIR LIVES ARE NOT why they whinge and whine about people on benefits and conning the naive and fickle sections of the public to do the same.

Well your well on your way to killing them all off one way or another so there will be none to blame in two years time?! WHO WILL YOU BLAME THEN?!

They are most likely succeeding like they have done for so long as this is why it has been CRAP for so long. The question is when is enough people going to face up to the reality? While they do not and bury their heads in the sand nothing changes...

Obviously it still needs an ever bigger portion of people to suffer before the truth is accepted which invariably means, WHEN IT HAPPENS TO YOU!!

Just 5 minutes your word, your honour ... THEM AND ME ALONE!!

Causes against the killing f people this way...

A Child Atos for his father dying!

Here is a snapshot of the above Webpage...

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