Thursday, 22 November 2012


Words made infamous by my mother in a disagreement many moons ago...

By my calculations, and quite conservative as I do not include the numerous times I have walked into A & E regarding any of this in the bad times, that makes it 7 Physiotherapists, two Physiotherapists, 2 Rheumatologists and a dozen GPs/Doctors ALL WRONG and me CORRECT over a TWELVE YEAR PERIOD!

What you should be asking yourself is how can this be?! ALSO WHY WOULD THIS BE??

I have repeatedly told many different ones my VIEWS, MY SYMPTOMS and over many years and time and time again no, no, your mistaken, you have that wrong and yet here we are and after two appointments it turns out I am correct and we STILL have no technical terms nor diagnosis for anything whether to do with feet, hips, knees or back.

These are not the only things wrong with me that a whole bunch of specialists got wrong and ill advised me on that I ended up figuring out for myself and curing or getting it to a manageable level all by myself.

One of these is the Restless Leg Syndrome, or RLS, which turns out to be caffeine?! The one drug just about everybody consumes on a daily basis and yet no so called DOCTOR anywhere thought that this commonly consumed drug might be the problem to this sudden recurring problem in a great many people?! NOT ONE!!

I figured that one out on my own...

...along with one other I have not covered just yet despite there being at least ONE person who I know visits here that may, and of course WILL, get some benefit from this revelation.

I still have the other industry to put the boot into too. But that latter remark is for around the start of the year in 2013.

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