Friday, 23 November 2012


I am sure you have all been expecting me to come up with some good while entertaining and a chance to see the people that have made a great deal of you squirm ... err squirm?!

Well here is what I have now sent to several departments 2 in the DWP, one manager Mrs C Lloyd, Atos and the DLA.



Dear Sirs

REF ********

Thank you not for your recent letters asking me yet again why I did not appear at your assessment arranged at the top of that big hill in Highgate despite the many times I have told you why.

I dare say that about now you all must be feeling pretty good about yourselves as you now have the excuse to do whatever it is you was intending to do anyway, despite the involvement of your ICE department.

Now remember I told you and that I had warned others that I am mist dangerous WHEN I am quiet and you do not hear from me?!

Well I am writing now not oly in response to your incompetent and pathetic excuses to fool the British public at large but also to tell you I am so very sorry but your bubble is now about to be burst!! Especially the one labelled ignorance you have all been hiding inside?!

Let me explain…

Do you remember I sent you X-Rays? Well you can try and deny it but you cannot…

You see what I KNEW and you did not is that I had TWO appointments fast approaching this year and one for my feet and one for my back, let us exclude my knees for the time being as they are now easily remedied due to the position I have managed to place myself in!

I sent you those X-Rays for a reason and not the one you think. I also warned you NOT to underestimate me nor expect to beat me and that any attempt in doing so would indeed be futile?! In fact I warned everyone I have attacked of this and now over the next three months I will prove my point and to a large AUDIENCE!!

Well it turns out I have had ANOTHER bad reaction to them from a health professional and these guys knew straight off there was not ONE but TWO things wrong with my back as I had always said. This was BEFORE they viewed the X-Rays!! They then looked for the MRI I had done and when they came back they said … ‘umm it seems you were correct about everything, I had trouble finding your MRI but when I did it was indeed on the lumber region of your back?!’

Now THEY KNOW now that the regions with problems in my back are the upper and middle sections so let us say 75% of my back?! SO they managed to MISS 75% of my back and MRI the only bit that was OK?! DO you see where I am going here now?!

They also added … ‘your absolutely right the X-Rays match up with the tests I have done and there is indeed a problem’ now they talked about getting a QUICK MRI on my ENTIRE BACK and talked about surgery and treatment and I strongly believe from the way they spoke that they already KNEW what was wrong and wanted to be sure. The key points are it is PROVED and they are now acting with incredible speed to diagnose. The main point is it can be seen on the X-RAY?!?! Oh dear, you have had that in your possession for 6 months or more now!!

It gets better…

Prior to THIS appointment I had another one with a Podiatrist and this is just as good as the above turned out to be. I went to the wrong place to begin with by bike, Chase Farm Hospital, and that when I realised the building I needed to be in was a 10 minute walk from my house. I bet that went right over your head?! HAHA. When I got in there I was lying on a bed with my feet laid bare when I asked the Podiatrist a trick question … ‘there is something wrong with one of my toes and I wonder if you will notice which one it is?’. He had his head down and was swaying from right foot to left foot and back again before he looked up at me and said the following … ‘ONE OF YOUR TOES?! THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH ALL OF YOUR TOES?!?!?!’. I only replied in saying ‘good man! You’re the first health professional to EVER spot that?!’

He then said … ‘wait a minute, it says here you went to Barnet Hospital? Why did they send you all the way up there?!’ I said it was because they are incompetent and under orders to mess me around so I do not get diagnosed and that both my GP and NOW MY DENTIST have BOTH quit over the NHS and both spoke to me about it. Oh dear!!! There is the answer to that KEY POINT that went over your heads in the last paragraph!!

Oh dear!

Oh but wait a moment there are more key points to this?! Oh yes indeedy there are!! You see based on what he SAW of my feet he asked me WHY they made me go to ONE appointment up at Barnet?! But hold on do you not yourselves keep asking me to go to HIGHGATE despite me telling you over and over again and in a way that you CANNOT DENY in a million years?!?!
Ohh yeah there is just one more thing, the Podiatrist came first so we have a chicken or egg scenario for you to work out but let me help you…

When he made this statement he knew nothing about my BACK?!?! I only went I there for a CORN?! Hahaha!!!

They want me to go back and see there bio-mechanical division too!!! Oh dear this really is getting worse for you? Do you have windows in your offices? Look outside and keep a watch to see if there are any dark clouds brewing!

Oh and as for that Council, well only one so far, well they FAILED to appear in court pissing of the sitting Judge who then issued a court order for senior management to APPEAR at the main hearing. Oh yes that has just been sat and they did indeed turn up but … oh dear it seems they did not have a report?!?! 

(LAUGHING LIKE A DRAIN) Another court adjourned and to be re-sat on the 3rd January 2013 and one very pissed off judge! I have yet to find out if the media were present but if they were not I guarantee they will be despite whether the powers that be think they have them or judges in their pockets?!

So in an admittedly long overdue answer to your question as to WHY I did not attend your assessment appointment I apologise I was busy manufacturing the nails for all your coffins. I think the rest is hear and pretty self-explanatory.

Oh and one other thing… do not think for ONE second I could not prove all this beyond a shadow of a doubt. Oh and anything you may think you were amassing against me, well good luck as everything is explainable and indeed I am well aware of anything you could do or say beforehand and would be an insult to my intelligence to next expect me to predict your EVERY MOVE!

You can continue with your games as I have not declared mine as yet only the points safe to do so. You can continue with your arrogance and ignorance as this will only ensure many will end up in prison for your crimes and I would estimate around April 2013 at a wild guess. You may have figured by now I am very good at guessing. If not… well I hope you like prison food?!

I do believe that is game, set and match!

Au revoir.


Martin Haswell BSc


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