Tuesday, 6 November 2012


This is an odd one I was not aware of!

But then I have not been much interested in law, nor politics, you might be surprised to know because I have never seen any benefit from either.

The LAW is quite literally an ass and made worse as it is now set up as a play thing for people with cash to do as they want. A prime example of this is the Apple versus Samsung scenario and something occurred to me after something was released recently that made this whole thing the utter bad taste that it is and the sheer greed of at least one of  these two companies, that being Apple. I will go into detail on that in my next post.

On BBC London Radio this morning and as I was waking up I heard someone say that it is 'the law' that councils provide library services, which I was not aware of if I am totally honest. What I find interesting is that when I think about it it stands to reason that this would be the case and in all the murmurings of councils across the land trying t close libraries it begged a question...

How many things are law for councils that they have been trying to cut back on, shirk or even drop entirely. How many of these have they achieved already and how many have they planned? All the organisations I have mentioned have become self-serving, amoral and utterly rotten to the core and I would even go as far as stating pure evil. As much as I have tried, and am continuing to do so, to convey this message across to as many of the UK public as I can, of course across the world too I might add, I am interested to know the workings of how this came about.

Across all the above there will be a great deal for me to ponder over once I had all the facts and data, provided I ever get it of course. One reason being, other than just pure interest, that if you know how something went sour in the first place you can then put things in place to prevent this from happening again. But this only really happens when enough of the public KNOW about it as then the powers that be would not shirk putting this in place. In fact I sometimes like to think that if and when all this is over and things DO change for the better that even the powers that be would realise that things got far worse that even they could handle and it is not a very nice place, or era, to live in. Hopefully that would therefore mean that they would not want this to happen again and happily change things for the better.


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