Thursday, 8 November 2012


OK what started out as a good feeling has turned sour again.

1-Keeps on about me forgiving and that is a bit presumptuous...

2-It solves nothing and does nothing, lol.

3-She is asking me to forgive when she has not read the blog and does not know what she is asking me to forgive!

4-But she thinks that by doing nothing people will suddenly stop being homeless over night?!

Right a pregnant pause there for 30 minutes while she kept telling me to let go of my feelings and forgive, lol.

A-The very feelings that have kept me ALIVE and SANE up to this point, lol regardless of how I might sound at times and like I said it is passion and a fight for justice not for one but for ALL!

B-The very feelings that have lead to me outwitting these big organisations up until this point. 

C-The same feelings that allowed to me to acquire and achieve not only all that you see, hear and read about on this blog but a great deal more besides.

D-I reminded her of WHO I have been battling and that any deviation would be costly and I would lose. Twenty years of planning and collecting and she wants to alter my mental state, which you cannot do we do not have light switches for feelings and it is against human nature, which will therefore alter the way that I battle these bozos!

E-I asked her around 8 times, likely 12, if she had read the blog and got no answer and kept telling her she should read it before asking someone to forgive.

I think I know what it is, it is that age old problem and that is that someone has a major life changing tragedy in their lives and it feels like it cannot get any worse and you cannot get any lower. Well I have been there not ONCE but dozens of times and just look at this blog?! This is not ALL OF IT!

Also there is that old habit of thinking that whatever happened to you is the worst in the world and no one elses horrors can come close, oh dear!! Uh-UH! Not even I would do that nor think that, indeed i have a plan for around the new year and would like t place an invite on here, but not now.

Oddly those that have met me face to face over the years have eventually heard my stories and there is a point when they say, no way! All this happened to you?! I then have to point out that they have not heard half of it, literally.

What I have had is a great deal of horrific things over a great many years while suffering in pain the whole time and with new areas of pain popping up every few years whereby I ow have around a dozen.

There is a reason many professionals like solicitors and heath people are amazed I am not dead from suicide or in a straight jacket in a mental institution, though there have admittedly been times!


IF they ever get published I could also write another one of around 80,000 words too?! But that will not be written until the other two have had a contract signed over them so might never get written at all?!

After that third book though that would be it for sure. Well at least for about ten years at any rate and provided enough interesting things have happened in my life during that time that they are WORTHY of publication.

I would not be one to jump on the celebrity bandwagon thinking there are enough depraved people out there that will buy anything I write and put me in the top ten sales lists! No siree Bob!

Besides look at my other blogs, I will have no end of other interesting subjects to write about.

Also remember I do NOT want to be a celebrity anyway, no no no no! LMAO!

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