Friday, 23 November 2012


Hmm I have, while out today, come up with a cunning plan!

It should and could work and it will be all down to insinuation but the beauty of it when I do it is 'I always make good on my innuendos!' lol

I will know before long and it only has to work one ONE for the whole idea to work and that is the beauty of it.

Neither will know if they are coming or going and any channels between them will be immediately severed completely, which will not be hard after recent facts coming to light!

Now I just need to wait for a letter, type a letter and go on a little journey?!

Of course I can divulge this once I know the plan has worked even BEFORE it bares any fruit.

Hopefully if it works it will bring forward my estimated time to end it all the charades by several months?!

Fingers crossed!

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