Thursday, 22 November 2012


Just thought of something before I race off to hospital that I thought I might put up on here.

Think if it as something to mull over in the coming weeks and next few months.

Aimed at those that are resistant to the plight and pain of others and to what is really going on in the UK at least...


Or do you think it may be possible that you have a better chance with like minded people?

If after some thought you think the letter is true then it is not just the question of meeting or gathering like minded people together to see 'the light' so to speak but more a question of finding those that have doubts or argumentative and getting them to make up there own minds, about this blog of course, and hopefully seeing the reality for what it is?

I have often stated about numbers in this blog well of course because everything always comes down to simple numbers. I know of at least one individual who had his doubts and then through the Daily Record Newspaper and then this blog saw the light.

It is my belief that everyone deserves to see the truth and if this is achieved then I think things can change ... no I KNOW things will change. Tricks are only tricks when you do not know the trick! Once all the tricks are known then they cannot be performed any longer with any degree of success.

Then and ONLY then will things become truly transparent as they are keep telling us that they are.

It was my belief that with what I gathered and what I put up here it was enough for people to see once and for all the real truth. In doing that I had the firm belief of a true existence of friendship out there and strong bonds with others not only limited to family. Kind of an experiment based on the Six Degrees of Separation and the idea being that anyone that reads this blog, even if only a couple of the key posts, that they would then tell their friends and their families.

I am hoping that in time many of the doubters come here and are convinced by my words and my evidence, whether they discovered this blog through a search of one of the many areas I cover or whether or not a friend or family member has directed them here.

Despite the strong words I choose at times and the horrific and unbelievable truths I have laid before before the world there was never any point to lie, cheat or trick as that would be defeating the object. It is also not really may nature anyway. These are the facts here is the evidence and you should be able to make up your minds and see the truth. Only then can you make any decisions based on all the above in the future ... or a correct and informed decision you could say.

I think from recent changes in the numbers which bizarrely coincide with two things that happened with the blogs about a week ago, these numbers are beginning to show signs that this may well indeed happen.

But this is not only down to me and primarily down to the visitors who come here.

I am going to say that despite a few more months of things to divulge I could not think of any better way of showing the public the truth. Remember many documents go back twenty years and so I have bene working on this for a very long time. It is true I had no idea just how bad it would get nor some of the horrifying details I would uncover. Despite my ability to have a negative outlook on things the truth actually turned out to be far more worse than even my PREVIOUSLY negatively looking outlook of a mind could possibly imagine and then some.

So it may be horrifyingly shocking and unbelievable to you but so it was to me too! Now imagine this happened to me first hand, as it did my daughter and so it was going to happen to my two young grandchildren too.

I once said that one man cannot make a difference and this is true, but it is also true that one man can acquire many people and TOGETHER they can make a difference!

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