Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Hmm I have been searching for an mp3 player that plays FLAC music file with FLAC being the Free Lossless Audio Compression favoured by audiophiles (people looking for audio perfection even IF over the top).

I have scoured everywhere and looked at everything and it is a minefield. I have been into Maplin and stated to someone in there how hard it is too. I have scoured Amazon many dozens of times and that is an understatement. It is a bloody nightmare and with all the standardising bodies around for almost everything this seems to have gone by unnoticed.

Now in Maplin they had a number of players but only ONE, which was more suited to video with a big touch screen, would play FLAC files. The others seem to concentrate on .ape and .wav and I have to ask myself why this is?

Now I like some of the Sony players but firstly I do not like Sony and secondly, as they do with everything else, they do not allow THEIR players to do everything they are capable of. This goes doubly for smart-phones and Sony are NOT alone in this. So again and again you want to buy a product bit before you hand over hundred of pounds in cash they are already dictating what you can and cannot do with the purchase you are about to make. This is purely why JAILBREAKING, ROOTING, and HACKING GOES ON...FULL STOP!

Another thing that makes me see red is the fact that many that I do like do not include an expansion slot either?! Now if you consider the fact that firstly memory sizes in player were increasing every now and then but of late they have slowed to a halt this seems a bit strange. Now factor in that anyone using any lossless audio format for better sound quality, so files of .wav, .flac, .ape (guessing on this one), will need not 3.5MB average for a single track but 10MB to 20MB for a single track then that 4GB or even 8GB suddenly looks bloody tiny!! With my files I would only get around 40 songs or so on a 4GB and so on and so forth!!

So why is it then that the companies portraying their players to be proper music players do not provide a memory card slot? How is it that Sony do not put their own Memory Stick slot in their players? It seems not only are they trying to manipulate what we can and cannot do with the hardware we pay a fortune for but also they are trying to manipulate when we have to give them that hard earned money all over again!!


So back the the very reason I posted this and that is that in my never ending search to now find an mp3 player that fits the bill I noticed that Apple have a new iPod Nano now on its 7th Generation I believe. I failed to notice immediately but then when I looked at one I liked, the dark slate coloured one, it reminded me of something and i could not quite put my finger on it with the picture being at a 45 degree angle. But then someone on a website answered it for me...

It looks like a Nokia Lumia!

After this person had stated this there was then a flurry of people now making sarcastic comments about whether or not that Nokia should take Apple to court for copying one of their designs?! This made me laugh and I thought how right they were in this statement in light of the recent battles between Apple and Samsung. More interestingly someone then stated that with Nokia struggling of late that this was not likely due to Apple being the total opposite based on successes and sales of the last several years! So that means to say that whoever has the most money will win in a court of law?! Funny how this IS the case of late for all but the most damning and shocking of illegalities which are oddly enough those which get a lot of media attention and cause public outcry.

Seems to me the only people benefiting out of all this are the cold and heartless lawyers, which I have to say is not all I am sure but certainly a vast majority of them as I am sure you are all aware.

Now in light of recent hardships going on everywhere I think this is a fairly good example of what is wrong with the legal system. There are wave upon wave of adults coming forward who were sexually abused as children, even a Conservative MP from the Margaret Thatcher era has now come to light but no names, and I will state that they are all testament to the fact that the legal system and all its governing bodies in the UK are not fit for purpose and have not been for many, many years just as I have stated for many, many years!

The Law is the Law and every single person should have an equal opportunity to enforce the law and get justice and not just to those with deep pockets!! Everyone should have the right to access just a good a lawyer as the big corporation that they may be battling with too!! That's it and that's all!

How can the UK government preach to the rest of the world and third world countries about being fair to their citizen's when they themselves are anything but. Yes people are dying horrible deaths in the Middle East but this for the most part is immediate. here in the UK you die a slow horrible death and succumb to the most awful things along the way that forces people to take their own lives. Provided your mental stability does not go off the deep end you have depression, anxiety disorder and breakdowns which in all honesty are worse than taking a bullet. YES that IS what I said.

To go through again what I personally went through for twenty years I would take a bullet ANY DAY OF THE WEEK and I am sure that there are not only many others out there like me but that this has been increasing in number and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

I digress...

But, you see, there are knock on effects in all things and many of what is allowed to happen becomes familiar and then gets taken for granted and this is part and parcel of the problem. As more of these things get taken for granted we head down a path of descent until it all goes wrong. It was always destined to be this way and I for one have known this for a VERY long time. Year upon year of my life that has gone by I have known that we have edged ever closer the the chasm of woe we now find ourselves in. The evil ones like the way things were and many are clinging on t their way of life continuing. This inevitably keeps us down and descending further into that chasm. They will continue unabated hoping that we will come out and their way of life, not really ours is it now, will remain the way that it is...

No repercussions, no loss of their living standards (moats, Rolls Royces, large swathes of land etc, etc...), very little threat of prison for the most part, until they are found guilty after they have died, aka Jimmy Savile and that incompetent quote from the Police I will never forget (let this be a lesson and a message that we will find you?! Yes sir Jimmy Savile is terrified I am sure).

So one little thing leads onto the next bigger thing and so on and so forth.

Of course all of this may not only apply to here in the UK. Any readers could be from anywhere like the USA or somewhere in Europe or even further afield and it may turn out that you read this and find it also applies to yourself and your country. Me personally I could not really say either one way or the other and I am not in a position to be able to dictate any of this to yourselves.

I live in hope and have a long wait to actually here or see some sparks of light that may show me the first signs of the light at the end of the tunnel but until that time comes I will continue with this blog one way or another. Whether it be fast and frequent or once a week it will continue.

Be careful out there.

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