Sunday, 6 July 2014


Well here is another extremely worthy cause!

I am beginning to think that many on this cause site seem to know what I have championed  on my blog and send me links to sign a petition for one if my subjects?!

Still I do seen to cover everything corrupt so I suppose that does not really work? Still they keep coming and I am sure they are getting far more frequent? Some I am not even sure of the subject matters and not things I am familiar with in the news, not mainstream news.

One wonders if one should consider writing an app called 'Not in the News!'?!

Still ...

Bloody good show!

This petition is for a public enquiry into organised child abuse and I presume they are referring to the celebrity ring? Which this far only tends to be TV personalities for some bizarre reason? Everyone knows they all mingle with each other, ...

... oddly I never wanted any game, turned down two TV appearances thigh turning down BBC Wildlife magazine ... no, no what am I saying? No I am probably relieved I turned down that too ... hmm except I might have prevented a huge embarrassing setup my father feel victim to?

In fact I can now state to Victor Lewis-Smith, journalist for the Evening Standard who covered the fact it was an obvious set up, that even the 'crime against fashion line' can also be explained away my my recent research and discoveries, through pure manipulation and cunning I might add.

Still that is a story for another day and if I could have an audience with the 600 odd petiole that attended the funeral, and the dozens who did not, I could completely explain everything in a simple lecture that would make all realise there was more to this than even we all realised!

The number of people that were in doubt if what has happened with the BBC were in single figures as likely was there IQ.

In fact one other person present was also an innocent victim of the BBC and I wonder to his thoughts now that I think about it off the revelations that have emerged regarding the BBC?

That is not my story to tell and very much doubt it ever would be in all honesty. Because the tricks are already known on how to cover their arses and guaranteeing no comeback whatsoever.

Do things in such a way that the whole event is just so harrowing for those involved that they cannot face the aggravation.

However why is it that they cannot face the aggravation?!

Because across the board no one wants to listen nor to learn and it's easier just to label and then vent your ire.

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