Thursday, 24 July 2014


Well I sent off four emails via LinkedShare to some affiliate members and I got a mamby-pamby answer of one rejecting me ... albeit temporarily stating one of these four reasons, lol!

So if anyone wants to contact me, because I do not want companies being funny about someone telling th truth because of companies they may be affiliated with and sounds like a big a headache as seeking a decent solicitor! Though my daughter seems to have struck gold with hers ... currently.

Does not help that I myself am extremely choosey about which affiliates would actually be good enough and honest enough for my blogs! LMAO!

This is just a early action to test the waters to see if I can garner up interest for next month!

Next month there will be no more to do, there will be no more NHS catching out I need to do as I have far more than I could ever need. One thing may be about to rise to the fore but the point is it will be vastly diminished in frequency and only commenting on current news reports.

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