Saturday, 12 July 2014


I have done something. Something a little bit ... genius I think people will find? Hopefully?!

I explained what I did to three people...

One I thought would burst out laughing but did not bat an eyelid.

One I thought would not bat an eyelid bit chucked with an evil grin of approval.

One I was not sure how they would react and laughed. Laughed even more when I pointed out the possible outcome of what I did.

Let us call it ... The Plan of Reciprocation?! It is very simple but also very clever. Hmm thinking about it out of rather like a competition you get offered when you buy a confectionary?!

Bit for it to work it has to stay a secret for long enough! Far too many prying eyes of evil, self obsessed and those looking out because of self protection. Explaining this now would leave it dead in the water but from this very blog and when the time comes it will be very easy, in theory, to force the situation to get the plan to explode? It might not even need the work of this blog?!

In about a months time I am going to start to try and contact someone through here and they may even contact me?

Is the best kind of idea I have ever had and will completely destroy a household name that fully deserves it.
No ifs, no buts, no excuse and no weighing out of it, it really well be a case of raw exposure and maybe later on when I explain what I did the idea might catch on?

Maybe others can be a little note inventive than me but you have to keep in mind the stealth aspect.
On a different subject I told two friends about that young boy I mentioned previously. Both expressed greater disgust and anger over the way the boot was spoken to by the twat of an adult with a brain age younger than the 8 year old that they wanted to ... 'get him' in roundabout ways, Lol.

I had intended to wander over to disk to them and take them something they wanted but was unable to get them on the phone or through text messaging. In fact it says the phone was switched off, think I have the right number?!

Hmm I will try a social site actually, should have thought of that earlier!

But then I got to sleep about 6am and wife to at 2am, rather annoyingly! I really bloody hate that!

Once upon a time being a night person, not always all night, was my thing. But back then I would have a small audience wanting to speak about ghosts, paranormal things and the possibilities of life in the universe ... LITERALLY!

Now if you will excuse me I have a little note to send off.

Huh?! Just realised yet another retailer I have argued with have announced a sale on within days of losing an argument with me?! PC World! Lol! Although with Very Catalogue it was a couple of months!
Weird that!

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