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Educating the people that are either dunces and cannot handle files and properly operate computers, or liars because they are acting dumb and no one has told the poor saps WHO I am or about this blog, lol.

This is the DWP, Atos and PIPs we are taling about and a department that I was told while I was recording them and posted on here does not have an email address now has an email address?!

Here is an email from the PIPs department because that quite detailed email I sent to Atos I was informed passed onto them?

Only it does not sound like it, or certainly they have not read it, I am NOT awaiting a assessment, do not require an assessment, they have nobody AT ALL capable of performing an assessment on anyone and certainly not my condition! Which I have proved.

When you have memory issues and you forget it makes you angry. Ask anyone with any of their FAMOUS conditions? You knot the famous so they get sympathy and help conditions but no one else does because the public are too blind, stupid or self centred to care so that these corrupt arseholes can then take your money and keep it for themselves?

Dear Vicky

Boy, oh boy, oh boy!

You people simply do not get it and act as if you are very dense!

Now I am sure that they must have sent you my correspondence? Maybe you are still in the delusional stage byt trust me when I state that the NHS are most definitely not and have not been for a couple of months now.

No, No, NO!!

Acting dense because you have lied for the last three years, failed to do home visits and added to this lied about it.

No, no, no, NO!

There will not be an assessment for not only the same reasons I quoted last time but added to this ...

1 Only a third of Atos are Doctors, I AM THE ONE that has been causing the NHS, Government, Police, Local Councils many others nightmares for the past few years, for the love of god woman wake up and smell the bloody coffee!

2 Those that are GPs are just that 'GENERAL'

3 You have already held your hands up to the Fibromyalgia Association UK and stated that it is a debilitating condition and worthy of DLA, not to mention PIPS.

4 All that I have told you in a decade has been the exact same and do not worry if you have somehow lost the file because I have it for you!

5 You have paid someone locally and Atos have told her she needs not be assessed and she along with half a million others and rising follow me on the Internet ...

6 Dossier of UK Corruption Blog is all mine as are all the secretly recorded audio with two Police Forces, no less than FOUR Local Councils, Atos, three dozen GPs and fiove hospitals, there really is no getting away from it, dont think this and dont think that .... ITS DONE, DEAL WITH IT!!

7 I was NOT awaiting an appointment and the LETTER sent clearly states that a letter was sent to my GP!!

8 I sent the Guy's Hospital Letter to Atos customer relations, not ESA Customer Relations as nothing to do with Atos unless they are located in your building like your ICE are and YES I do know about them and they are for the chop in 2015 too.

9 Stop bloody lying!!

10 Do not give me the I did not know speech or this is nothing to do with you as once again you must be in the wrong career so get me someone that does not and bloody well put them on the line!!

11 I placed a claim for a decade of backpay for DLA which was KNOWINGLY DENIED ME and knowingly got the help from the NHS, also worked out well for Local Councils .... STOP! JUST DONT! I know what your thinking right now and just DONT! I knew this was going on 8 years ago and no idiot front line staff would not be privy or it would not have been gotten away with.

12 Below is my blog, I have 100GB of data evidence and this does not include the 2,500 posts , give or take 400 posts, that I have on my blog!! So just ...DONT! Not one out of half a million people disagree with me or not believe me. Now go put that to a psychologist and a mathematician before you land yourself in any more hot water

13 If your going to conspire and lie at least do it well and make it a challenge, the only challenge there has been thus far is the inordinate amount of time it took me to get all the data I required, ask yourself why I have not received a single legal letter of threats with all those I expose on the blog?!

14 Once again there is a letter from Guy's Hospital from Doctor Kirkham of which the letter states I have Fibromyalgia but not the knee thing, likely torn Meniscus I do not know because I have not listened to thew tape...the tape which is on that optical disk in the other picture which also contains the test on the knee which has me scream and has him state it, dont care what it is I only wanted them to lie on the tape. Also on that disk is a row with yet another GP, a PROPER GP, that backed up the omission of my knee condition as well as the prescription for Pregabalin! I was grinned at as they were sure I had not recorded the appointment as Guy's Hospital but that was because that THIS is precisely what I wanted them to think, which is how and WHY that disc exists.

15 Now do not be even more incompentent! This was lying around so I photocopied it! I would not bother putting all I have on DVDs because ate over 100GB would require too many, this email would go on for a long time explaining all the others, like a Doctor at Chase Farm Hospital who I pulled to account while recording him that he and the hospital had falsified an ultrasound test regarind a hernia that is a killer. He not only admits this on tape but dictates a new letter to my GP stating that there was a hernia on the ultrasound! I did not tell him I was recording and do you know what happened next?!

16 He then did not send the new dictation off and sent the original one stating it was clear, then when they realised I had recorded it an attempt to state I was insane was made. That followed an earlier attempt to state I was violent. I was then kicked off the GP practise stating I was violent. Now what they did not know is that I had also been recording them?! Wow, for people that think so highly off themselves because they are Doctors they sure are bloody DUMB!!!

17 Another GP later and it finally dawned on the NHS I had been recording them and I was asked to turn off two devices, they did not see the third and what they said on that tape was HOOK, LINE AND SINKER!!

Now try again!

Do not like the tone? TOUGH! I have been lied to for over 15 years and if you do not get that then find another career as your in the wrong one! Now see the letters AFTER my name? Work out what they mean and then take note I turned down a PhD in my subject in association with medicine and keyhole surgery in particular.

Stop talking to me like I am a bloody dick-head as this will just piss me off!

FIFTEEN YEARS!! As if I need to repeat ot yet again but many mere mortals are unable to process or hold onto data for very long and tend to leak it, and I get quite angry with repeating myself because IDIOTS or LIARS, delete where necessary, simply cannot figure out that I know they are either playing dumb, ergo liars, or have absolutely no idea how to handle either files and paperwork or computers, ergo incompetent.

This is how I have made everyone look and just in case everyone is using plausible deniability let me let you become well aware once again? ...

Do not just read the bits of self interest, there are half a million people now aware of me in under two years and everyone is asking WHAT THE FECK!! I dare say in 2015 the questions will be accompanied with bricks as a wake up call if the dumb attitude is persistent and the bricks will be a 'don't feck with us anymore' message.

Martin Haswell BSc

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