Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Well once I realised that I could not type out a post using the dinner plate on my lap that was a brief home to a toasted cheese sandwich I thought I may just mention ... a few things.

Laying in wait and quite incomplete is my LinkedIn profile and there on it you can fine some bits about me as well as links to people some of which have known me since I was a child.

What was laying in wait there is the number of networks I could quickly link together and allow a professional ... feeler to extend out to those that would show interest in a number of things, be these based on things that I am heavily involved with or knowledgeable on. Directly or indirectly on occasion. Of course this can also be purely a connection made based on sheer numbers alone. Be they stand alone big enough numbers or big enough numbers in a very short space of time for someone who is in effect a nobody.

I could achieve this by making the necessary changes required for the LinkedIn feelers to extend out with the important pieces of information that will draw ... attention. From as many places as it can and this will sit there now for the next 6 months with every now and then me just placing another tit-bit of information on there to draw attention from further afield.

I have also restructured and changed some pictures for artwork, trust me type in my name and if you have read enough blogs the artwork will leave no one here in any doubt.

Of course with anything that I do there is a sole goal but always with fringe benefits in mind and I am just gearing up early for the two year birthday of this, Blogger, blog.

My memory and its short term failures needs to be in the right frame of mind and with everything in place for me to set things off in the best possible way that I can. It just so happens that this, right here and right now, turns out to be one of those times.

Anything going too long becomes boring despite the help it may provide and a change in direction is always needed to keep things ... fresh. I always strive for the extreme ways I can alter this direction and better to get these things in early to have time to take effect without taking too long.

This year of 2014 was always going to be a transitional year in more way than even I could predict and this has already turned out to be the case on a number of occasion. Likely the reason that such large figures were stumbled upon and hopefully the discoverer of these figures will now realise I have never ever stopped working and carry out that which I promise too, regardless of how long this may take?

By making the changes on LinkedIn, which for those that do not know is more based, or at least was intended as such, as a professionals window to the world. Think Twitter for professionals without the ridiculously stupid limit on characters posted or the fact its merely a gossip channel for those that refrain or have an unhealthy averiosn from dealing with the real world.

Yes we all love escapism, even me but at the end of the day you should have realised that when emerging from said escapism the crap still stinks and still stubbornly remains.

In so making these changes a large number of new additions to subjects can be made because I am now much more likely to be discovered for a whole range of things than I was previously.

Now there exists the artwork that is so my signature of late that might intrigue ever more people into becoming interested in what it is that I have striven to do for so very long?

This will and in a short space of time of a couple of months cause the rises in my visits each month to jump in the amount they were already rising.

This in combination with traction already achieved will just snowball throughout the rest of 2014 thereby making 2015 an absolutely horrible place for those that would do ban unto others. Especially those that would do bad unto many others.

To achieve these things I did not really think that this would likely happen until closer to 2016 or 2017 as without the name or the branding so freely available to so many others it would be hard work to build up my reputation as well as assure my ... sincerity.

The word 'barking' well be far less prominent after August as one of the changes I wanted to make but with everything in life this will require certain ... conditions. A certain level of a particular emotion to achieve said change in direction I now so want to do.

Unfortunately for those I cover who have done some very bad things this will not make for good reading as this change in direction will bring forth a whole new section of society that I will appeal to! That change I hope to make would, had it been done from the very start, caused the numbers to rise likely double that to which they have! But this simply would not have been the correct way to do things. Attract a whole new set of people to an even more popular ... thing to that I started out as and as this popularity races forwards they will be intrigued to see what thge background to me and the blogs are like and then ask themselves how I can have the attitude I currently posses, well I do lol, after reading all the background. Thus bringing people to the level of realisation of the truth in a whole new way and thus allowing me to reach as many people as I need to in a shorter amount of time than that the blog has been live for?

So yeah all hell should be breaking loose come August 2015?!


Oh how so difficult remembering the plans of intricate complexities with such pain and failings of memory indeed!

Problems with failing memories is they always come back! Err eventually?!

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