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I just typed out a very good post exposing many of my major plans from day one!

Unfortunately my four core MOTO G phone was working extremely slowly using the Google Blogger App, doing is usual crappy tricks of replacing weird I typed with words not even in its own dictionary and then decided to stop working altogether!

After typing out a novella length post with some good explanations it fecking FROZE! Never have I ever known such an incompetent company as that of Google! Well they ate called Google, I should have such with my initial thoughts and feelings when I first head the name?!

In fact I can also state that never again well I every bit a magazine as it had not only been noticed by me along but others also that reviewers are either extremely selective with the truth or just praise something without even testing it!

I have bought two professional keyboards in add many weeks and have had nothing but issues with both of them! Yet nowhere, even in YouTube's mostly dickless reviewers, have any if the issues I have had been mentioned!

This is also true of Android KitKat desire me having the Android Magazines here and this latest Android is shallow, buggy, slow as are Google's Apps like Google Now, white, QuickOffice, double suite and Blogger, quadruple shite!

I just hope they end up running into money issues or better still get done it for something evil and forced to split the company as others have been forced to do and curiously no one touches Google, still off Android and Blogger to someone with intelligence and good ideas and that can add up numbers together and get the right answers?!

While working on it it froze as I stated and I then tried to get out of it and go back in but Blogger still frozen. I then closed the App and restarted it hoping it successfully saved the post but it froze immediately! I then restarted the phone went into App and guess what it did? Lmao!

Erik Shidt is like a split baby. When something dues bit so what he wants under his conditions he just walls away and let's idiots left on it do what they want and it invariably gets screwed up!

Now I know they are getting worried a little about the money because when I read what they were charging for Google Glass I literally burst out laughing!!

Once again no reviewers have correctly commented on that even!

It's a tiny and not that powerful computer with rich control and a shite camera that projects a screen into your eye! Sorry but there is nothing ground breaking about this and like the iPhone had all been done before!
Oh yeah and Android is now shit, forgot that point! Lol! Did I mention the swipe keyboard is shite? Lol!
Did I mention Android is shit? Lmao!

Fifteen hundred pounds? For Google Glass?! Lolololol! Oh my good God it's hilarious! I saw a similar device that did what seemed like the same thing for £150 odd and thought that a cool price. I figured Google Glass would be this or lower? Lol!

Oddly I think that the smart watches should be more expensive than glass! Potentially a lot more so because I for one would like to see a Seiko smart watch!

Smart watches I have seen have been butt ugly and I often want to put my head and my hands and I my hair until I am bald!!

I shall explain by making a prediction ...

I bet that within two years Sony starts moaning again like stuck pigs and acting like spoilt brats, stating they are not making smart watches anymore because they don't sell?! Exactly what they did with their TV'S AND VAIO LAPTOPS!!

Do you know why Sony? Because your not some sort of messiah like God and are not just going to put something in an ugly block and get more money than the next guy!!

To do so just shows how incompetent, spoilt and brattish you truly are and this is a recipe for self destruction, something Apple is in the middle of right now and think they put a stop to this not by offering better products but by keeping one of their many rivals in courts?! Tossers!

Maybe, just maybe it's because you thought you had a name and premium brand and could get the same money for inferior products that are cheap and tacky?!

Yes Sony, cheap and tacky!

For a long time I could not look at any of the top end signature Don't offerings without wanting one oh so very much! Yes you better believe it and from the 1980's with their Walkmans up into the late 90's and noughties with their Vaios, Mp3 Walkmans and televisions.

I have owned one Sony Walkman audio tape, one Mp3 Walkman, one Sony stacking system HiFi and at least one Sony VAIO!

They have little idea in my local Sony Centre store when I walk in, look around so not see a single thing I would like or when I do rarely it's treble the price is worth, carbon case Sony Vaio Z chiding three grand, or just been replaced by something butt ugly and the volume is deliberately crippled, Sony Walkman A Series with silver controller, which removed we of the good old days of Walkman's before they screwed it all up again!

Sometimes toy look at what they do and think it's almost like they do it deliberately?! But desire the mad sounding things I have stated in two years I do end up asking myself repeatedly ...'why in earth would they do that?!' and 'what did they possibly hope to achieve by doing that?!'

Rigging the BD DRIVE in Sony PS3's springs to mind when the OS update realises your machine was jailbroken! Notice I stated was?!

Oh yeaaah, owned Sony PSP too!

However when they fucked about over UMD Discs I thought 'oh here we go again' and then with the PSP Go I thought 'Oh here we go again' of when Blu-Ray came out and prices crazy and stated artificially high I thought 'oh Sony, so predictable, here we go again!' and then the Sony Blu-Ray players not playing anything except Sony compressed files I thought 'oh here we go again!'

The truth is they obviously do not care and they simply want to do something that the poor in society would be prevented from doing in the blink of an eye...

They want to receive humongous amounts of money for sitting on their arses and this attitude stinky had to stop because the consequences will be grave befit very long!

They literally want to tie you into something so you have no choice but to use them!

The funny thing is there is another company who had been going this but in another way without notice until now they are so large no one has the gonads to stand up to them!

Can you guess who this is yet?!

The end result will be the same and the old adage that 'the bigger they ate the harder they fall' may well turn out to be the case?

What I find particularly annoying that if standing in front of me I would very literally much them in the gonads and as they were doubled over I would bend over so that my face was near the grimacing facial features and then quietly say ...

'Now then ... are you focused? Do I now have your undivided attention? Good! Now explain exactly, and do not lie because I WILL know, what exactly are you trying to achieve by quite obviously treating your customers like shite and then wringing like a little girl because they do NOT bend to your very obvious attempts to manipulate them?!'

Lmao! But then maybe people just want things so badly that they whine and whinge but still hand their money over anyway?

This is in essence, for me anyway, why anti competition laws exist!

Well despite these laws existing a very big company that had shown it did not give a duck about it's customers, despite one very, very creepy American dude on the BBC's Click stating that they do, had been buying up companies to the point that it items 200 odd and will keep going and yet no one questions this nor investigates this?!

I don't know? It seems that reporting in all ways and in all industries had gone down hill fast and for a very long time!

I stated quite some time ago on here something that two friends who were originally naysayers themselves started to state to me and others they know ...

'You cannot trust anything toy buy and you cannot trust anything that anyone says!'

Since they first uttered this line I have started to see that this is spreading in the UK. What I have found strange is that with the British Public this seems to be taken a darn site longer than it would in other European countries?!

But then maybe that's down to something else people have complained about? Someone complained to me that someone in government made a remark about British school leavers not being that bright and that this would scree yo their chances of working overseas. But the groups of school leavers they were referring to were hardly ones to live overseas anyway. But the complaint is still valid but then you see the way government wants it is ask wrong from day one and stand on its own as a sure fire plan that will destroy this country.

So let is get the simple point out of the way, the education and schooling in the UK is crap and has been for years. I would say it had been done 1984 ish. Whether they're were periods from them until now it's improved momentarily I do not know.

But this is the current view.

But if you want and plan to manipulate an entire nation while giving lies, false impressions and promises and getting the same issues in per you can manipulate to manipulate them you do need a society of naive idiots! So to achieve this you would meddle with the schooling, quite obviously.

Of course there is the obvious problem here with this theory! What bunch of people running Britain would ever want that? You would not want to be a Prime Minister or anyone else in any cabinet or Member of Parliament responsible for that?!

It would surely be date to assume they would not knowingly do this?!

But what if it's from a section that you know or suspect is doing it but powerless or simply too scared to do anything about it?!

Well there works have to be two caveats to make this possible and to my mind and analytical in nature as it is only had one possibility that makes sense! I am sure it will make sense to readers on here too?

What possible group or section of British society or people would happily it knowingly do this or be part to it? Who, I ask you?

Now what might you think if I ask you the very same question but take it the word 'British'?!

After all when you think about it ate not all the big name either American or American owned?

This is what I find ear steamingly annoying.

It's bag enough that err are used and our armed forces at used like their personal playthings, because theirs are so shite probably, but that which the American public have as rights are not extended to us, desire everything they seem to get out of us!

As a British Citizen ... with a brain, it really does seem like you are being screwed on both sides ... no that suggests only two and yet there are many!

American companies are selling us crap, meddling with public services like the NHS and trying to own it privatise it and get us to PAY, probably the same ones going to lose their free gravy train of money over Obamacare?!

This selling off of companies and sections of public services has to stop and it certainly should be completely banned that they are sold to an overseas ... concern! Because those that could be losing money for nothing in their own country will think 'oh I know, they are idiots in Britain and easily used we will just but something their and keep the free flow of free cash?!'

Then you have the poor foreigners coming over here when 90% of them, that cone over in recent times, are only here to use and bleed dry and/or perform extremely depraved things or carry or shocking atrocities or start paedophile rings or just gain £200,000 in handouts, leave the country, change their name and then return and do it all again?!

Yet all everyone in Britain wants to do is point at jobless and disabled and in the voice of the late Rick Mayall of his character in Bottom go 'oooh yerrrrr it's all the game of those lazy disabled people and jobless benefit claimants!! Yerrrrrr!'

The Conservatives made loads of claims when they got in power and have not fulfilled any of them!

Now if, for arguments sake, they ate now heading for the exit as it does appear to be and if, again for arguments sake, they were ... leaned upon to kick disabled people and benefit claimants where it hurt until they sorted something out you would think these Tories and their gobbledygook of words and attitude like they are intelligent and if some higher breeding you might think they might now realise that government, be it the Conservatives or the Labour Party, might niue realise that they have themselves been lied to and that they have systematically list and handed over the reigns to this players in big business?

Now exactly what nationality were these wankers again?!
I would like to see them realise, work together for Britain and kick these invaders out if the country! Because they have done one hundred times more harm than good!

But then you would have to have a cross the spectrum and political divide of people coming together to do what's best for this county and not that of personal gain because they want a painting of themselves of a hallway title DORKS, err sorry Prime Ministers because they want to be remembered throughout history?!
That is how I see some today! When I see idiots saying that this person is not a strong leader or hard enough I look at the ones that assist strong and hard enough, add the naive public puts it, and see someone who desperately wants his portrait on that wall!

I seem to be in a tiny minority of one?!

Gladly I am happy to day that I do not think I am and there will be many others that see this the way I do and campaign for it and against it and people like this I admire.

People that see things for what they are and not influenced because it is, is not or stated a certain way in the news media!

It is a thoroughly nerve wrecking and astonishing situation that you cannot even trust the media but navy still do, even some that question some things but will still use the lack of reporting to back to their own theories that ate totally wrong and at times mathematically impossible.

In fact I have just had this occur with someone I sort of know but not a friend I assure you! A narrow minded and very child like adult who like to strut about like a Peacock but fails to realise his feathers have absolutely no eyes whatsoever! Not one!

This person and just as I knew that not only he would but so would have others have bleated on negatively about me and my blogs.

The longer time went in the safer and now confident they became and the wider they spread their eyeless feathers!

Over two years this self confidence which was based not on any knowledge at all in said subjects, count them there are a dozen currently, grew into a rather large ego.

The worst of these I tend to stay away from! For their own protection!

Then out of the blue I rise like a Phoenix from the ashes and embers and without thought I mention the number of visitors I have acquired of half a million but this only of one particular total and within 24 hours the fecking twat who now looks like the low IQ idiot that he is is whimpering like a twat and no doubt calling me all the names under the sun?!

Yes well the names being too you, toy lazy overgrown rhino that like to birch like a girl behind people's backs ... oh unless they are a great deal smaller than you that is!

Just in case you fecking nosey too and peeking in here? Street away from my sunshine, because if you don't I will seriously kick your arse so badly your mother will think she is being burgled and call the Police!

I will also have at least three people cheering over that and no doubt more once your IDENTITY is well known.

The power of the big compels thee!


In the meantime I think I might still my Advent Android Tablet?

Ooh no sorry, it's three products from PC World out of four ... oooh no to be fair five that have been shite!!

Advent Vega Tetra Note 7 (5 faulty ones in all)
Corsair Vengeance K70 Keyboard
Thrust master Ferrari GT Experience Gaming Wheel

All been shite ...

Epson SX535WD Printer Scanner
Sony, shock umm oh yeah this too lol, Cybershot 50x Zoom Camera

There was a slight worry over the Sony but when I bought it, it did have a Sony seal over the box, unlike the five cameras from Argos which all had their own void seal and claiming they did not do that, lol.

Add for the Moto G, I think I will unlock it and put my 3 Sim in it and use it as the tether?

Until such a time I get a landline in about a months time!

Now if I every bother with mobile again it will likely be with Blackberry and I like the look of their new Passport phone!

Will wait and see what petiole day but if shite it will have to be a ... shudder ... Windows Phone?!

Trouble with Microsoft I have been very surprised and disappointed at the amount of restrictions they have placed on their OS?!

Yeah not the wisest move at any time, especially when your after increasing your market share?!

But then I am being the at absolute gall of that mad keeping lizard and his careless attitude as he was looking after the military was the reason?

Hmm I am willing to bet that in the next ten years it turns out at some point that Mr Ballmer was receiving ... something for losing up Windows as he did?!

I mean some of the things were just so bad that they didni was blatantly obvious to many! Toy can read on here that many groups ate dying Microsoft and I bet a lot more have started legal action since then?

Hmm wonder what happen to that group I saw listed on Wikipedia that were taking Sony to court over the disabling of the Blu-Ray drive fiasco?!

Sorry you companies but you really need a fat worse punishment fat greater than anything you have had previously. In fact far greater than all you had previously combined and then doubled!!

You have to be seen to be hurt, seriously so and not that your 10 million or 2 billion fine as a minute inconvenience!

Then I think that these fives should not disappear either!

They can do towards turning certain public services into something that they once we're a long time ago? Great!

That works be the Department of Work and Pensions and more importantly the NHS.

Only they have such bad reps now they will need the names and logos changing!

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