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Will I am living the brew game I ordered .. NOT!

After it supposed to turn up by Friday at the latest it has now failed to turn up on the day that Amazon quoted that it would!! Three days late! Lmao!

I wish I could be bothered to look at what complaints others have about Amazon these days but just cannot be bothered!

In fact this now inevitable demise of Amazon annoys me because it used to be a good company, ooh weaker what am I saying? No one seems to know how long they have avoided taxes in this country?! The UK that is. So we have been saving money but sleep walking into our own cesspit of demise as a result of this and other companies.

In fact if you looked at the nationalities of all the owners of the companies I have had issues with and the company that secretly runs so many public services I bet 99% of then are American?!

Hmm cone to think of it how much money did we spend on those pointless wars?! His is it we got into those? Oooh wait a minute that was the Americans too and Tiny Blair blowing out taxes to be certain of a job after he quit as Prime Minister?!

This reminds me that I was given a copy of The Daily Star today. This is the first time I have been handed a copy of that newspaper in awhile and when I opened it up, what did I see? A two page article about the NHS and how it's on the brink of collapse?!

I think that if the Tory Party so much as mention the word 'privatise' someone should throw ... manure at the houses in Downing Street! With a banner saying you talk crap!

These ... institutions were once great but have been used by greedy aristocrats, or just this that think they are, to earn huge salaries and this had grown in number of greedy, lazy and quite incompetent people and there seems to be a lot around suddenly, who have grown in number by employing family and cronies to maximise what they can syphon off?!

Now privatising will do what differently exactly?!

They talk such utter bullshit, this situation with the NHS has been created this way for years way into Tony Blair's rule, yes rule, and possible before? What annoys me is their is a culture to keep things exactly the same but put a different label in it and that there are tens of thousands of petiole getting away with very serious crimes that considering the state the country is in is treason! No matter which way you slice it, they have manipulated, lied, mislead and ripped off the British Public with grand scale fraud and I am speaking individually here!! No mincing words here.

What my previous two GPs did, asking with other Doctors I saw while registered with these two, was utterly atrocious. Sitting there taking taxpayers money with the attitude that it is perfectly accostable fur then to lie while taking the salaries out if the taxpayers money! Absolutely despicable of these two Dr Kumar and Dr Gubbay in Enfield and the latter having a while surgery that thinks the exact same! Forget the fact that this earning even higher amounts asked them to do this they did it which is just as immoral and illegal not to mention breaking of oaths by a list of names write literally longer then your arm!

Though I do not want the NHS to collapse, yes my actions and pays probably consigned it to the history books, but I had to divulge what I knew. It could not carry on and was to rotten and I would get the pleasure of setting a lot of Doctors tossed into the scrapheap never to be allowed to be Doctors again! Well in the long run that is, Time was not built in a day.

Also Mr Cameron and you Torry tosspots, well I assume you are because your supporter who guest speaks on Sky News and works for the Daily Mail sounds like one and completely and utterly wrong ... 80 to 90% of the time...

We do boot have the infrastructure not technology in place to have the existence you keep banging on about and have almost everyone working! First of you have to stop lying for a start and have companies that are corrupt that enforce this in their staff! Why?

Because it's wrong and immoral and you cannot bleat on about how to run a country if your immoral! Sorry but that's it and that's all and there is no argument against this. Added to this you have all the religions who have honest followers ... yes OK there is that one religion that has two faced followers and thinks it's OK to take charity, no honour our self respect, claim to be honest and then stab you in the back as soon as you turn around ... let's leave that one religion that is being 90% of the world's troubles and deaths (outside of natural disasters).

All other religions practice honesty towards others even those that will not be brainwashed. These will not want to lie for a bunch of rich immoral people! Makes you wonder where they managed to find all the employees then?! Lol! No traditionally though front line staff won't know, which is why my job had been so difficult and long! Attacking these front line people the way I do with such venom ... will make them stop, take notice and think. Once they do they continue to think and talk about this with others, even if the call me a complete prick. I simply don't care, they would be wrong anyway and as I continue to state and have done from day one this is not a popularity contest, it's not about me either! It is about the truth, the bigger picture and what is really going on in this country.

To be able to heal anything you need all the facts, all the variables as otherwise you simply either fail to come up with the correct formula or keep coming up with ones that fail!

These are the sorry of simpleton things that these arseholes in money, power, politics or any combination simply fail to understand and have continued to fail to understand while the British Public suffer every worse?!

Also I do this because even those that are suffering unnecessarily do not even realist it!! No question marks here and that woman from that disagreement about drugs could be a prime example of what I have stated all along?! If she quoted wrongly based on what her GP told her then there is a GP that has got away with lying to bit just one patient! Well think about it ... he won't just have one patient, will he?

Now think also do you think that she is the only one that has been lied to and had no idea?! No there will be tens of thousands ... no that's not right and I was going to then type hundreds of thousands but this would not be correct either! No this will be in the millions! Many millions! This is what I have tried to state for a very long time now and what I get angry about is that many of you don't want to accept it when it's bloody obviously true and I hate that this is happening to you because we should not have to sit there wondering which of the top professionals, be they Health Professionals, Police or any others are being fecking honest with us!

Do you know what you will have to do if you realise that none of these have been honest with you, or even just some? Have you any idea whatsoever?! No?

Well feck me you really have an aversion to reading, don't you? Because you would have to do absolutely everything that I have done on here, which is why I went to great lengths to do it for you all!

The funny thing is I let things flow quite deliberately believe me. Also believe me when I state that absolutely any labeling of me when I have been on a rant is completely missing the point as I have stated and also would be wrong. A bit like those remarks made by a certain charity recently that ended up as slander! I shall explain ...

I have Fibromyalgia, oooh I can hear the groans already in unison, but that is the key point that should have picked up upon by anyone with a brain. I have Fibromyalgia and I toe this blog about things I have to contend with while having Fibromyalgia!

Are we there yet? No? OK.

Fibromyalgia can cause a countless lust of painful areas of which I have in my feet, upper and lower legs, knee (other had separate issue from Fibromyalgia),  hips, two thirds of back, shoulder!

Fibromyalgia can and will eventually cause short term memory loss.

Fibromyalgia causes lack of restorative sleep as well as Insomnia on top and then Restless Leg Syndrome as well as the rare Restless Arm Syndrome.

Fibromyalgia causes Anxiety Disorder symptoms and Depression.

Are we there yet?! No? OK.


Anyone with any of the above will be constantly frustrated and angry and that's without going into the many dozens of other symptoms.

This also is not going into the server heartburn and pain in my groin, nor the fact that I will need surgery on the other side of my groin because I know the other Hernia will pop at some point and I know what to look for ... ooooooooohhhhhh!

Oh yes the morons that lied about the ultrasound showing another inguinal hernia did not think about that before lying! I am not down as getting scared about anything that could be fatal and am laid back. I also know what to look for with Inguinal Hernia because I already had one already!

So a bit weird that they were not upfront about it? Not when they have a different agenda to make me look dishonest? Many asked me why they did it and I said 'how do I know? Go ask them!' I do have a very good idea though but I never wanted the annoyance of rolling eyes from people thinning themselves far more experienced in these things as I have been surrounded by experts all along right under my nose!

YOU!! You are the reason they lied. Because they wanted YOU to think that I was unreliable and dishonest, mad or anything else they could label me with. The NHS are not the only ones on a mission to ... dirty my name, for want of a better term!

The Department of Work and Pensions/Atos/ICE, Police and several Local Councils (at least three but I do mention at least four on here) have been no doubt trying to do the same!

The Police have resorted to do this by using my daughter! Bad play and one that will only end in tears and careers. Not mine!

But the most important part of Fibromyalgia is that of the mental anguish! Ooh yes this was the Ace in the Hole in all this! Indeed it was an OK Doctor that have me the idea, after being nagged by others, to start this blog! Yes she was a Psychiatrist that had a dig at me fur waking into the clinic as I was totally sane, lol! I had done this several times over a year because I could not understand why I had lost control and did bit like it nor the feelings I was getting. I understand it now but only through my own endeavours. The NHS wasted hundreds of thousands of pounds getting it wrong ... well I believe deliberately avoiding diagnosing me and knowing full well for at least a year before I discovered it!

I am fully convinced that Doctor John Gubbay and Dr Dominic Mort knew full well what I had, Fibromyalgia, as likely did the Doctor who performed  the Electromyography and Nerve Conduction Studies at Royal Free Hospital but am only half convinced by the last one.

I know think that Dr Huq knew and it was demanded that she lie to me which was why she quit airing her disgust of the NHS. Unfortunately for the NHS I had already performed a preemptive strike by showing Doctor Huq, who I was friendly with as I was her staff, the letter that stated in a roundabout way that she was incompetent because she could not fill out simple forms!

Whatever it was that the NHS top brass demanded of her it was a mistake and this was exactly why I showed her the letter to her raised eyebrows and voice! I told her not to worry as I knew the moment I read it that it was a falsification. I stated that I had known that they had been lying for a number of years but had been trying to find a way to prove it. I had still yet to prove it because I alone could not just scream it from the roof tops and have everyone believed me, of no! So I pressurised, pried, prepared and then waited for my chance to get them to totally contradict themselves. Of course I had to get them to state a list of things without the anger or madness they claimed in in a normal and calm conversation. I did that repeatedly and now that chapter is done. It was really done a long time ago but I always wanted that last great and completely obvious along with incontrovertible evidence of it.

My prediction of an unholy trinity within the UK has plenty of evidence fur the other two mentioned, the DWP and associated organisations, ICE making it easy to screw all the other Ombudsman,  asking with Local Councils because these benefited the most from the corruption of the NHS.


For other things like freedom of speech and crazy illogical and slanderous ... sorry libelous things against me well ...

A bog is in essence an online diary.

These tend to be confined to subjects for the most part but not what they were initially created for. It was just a way for petiole to hit things down online and advertise them to all.

But if we leave that alone for a moment and consider that Fibromyalgia scrambles you're brains signals on every conceivable way, many the specialists have not even considered, then you have to consider what this blog is ...

This bog is a psychiatric breakdown of what it is like for someone with a condition that causes a while list of pains, mental health issues ( that do not include lying, hallucinations or anything else) to live there every day lives with all the necessary things they have to do along with that the public services force them to do because of our overpaid laziness!

It is also an psychiatric breakdown of what it is like for someone with these issues that makes them angry and on tender hooks daily when those that we are mean to trust and rely in for support actually bare faced lie to us!! It shows our reaction I the betrayal we suffer!


Of course the beauty here is that I have been underestimated on two counts ...

Firstly I was underestimated and by that I mean my intelligence and the letters after my own name of a Single Honours Degree in a Scientific based field.

Secondly my condition of Fibromyalgia was underestimated because Fibromyalgia covers just about all pains, if not all?! It also covers mental health too! Do you know what this means?

It means I have the ability to attract every single patient with just about every condition possible, or 90% of them thereabouts, onto this bog!

Now earlier I could hear the groans in unison only now I can hear the "Holy crap!" in unison! Lol!
I stated a bloody long time ago and repeatedly so that I wanted this to be rough! The thoughts, the spelling mistakes ... the lot!

Because I wanted petiole to understand how done people can think things at times they do not really believe. I wanted to show that under stress, mental pressure or pain people can lash out. Oh I did lash out, trust me on that and most, if not all, deserved it. In fact if you think about it the taking notice and waking up may have helped them in many occasion. I truly believe that this will reveal itself in time.

I think a great many things will reveal themselves in time!

Take that double page feature in The Daily Star regarding the NHS? Do you realise just got many things I have bleated, attacked, ranted and rampaged about have ended up in the media? I have noted dozens long after I covered them and I do not keep score!

But why was the story run? Is it because of what I have done or in spite of it? Was it deliberately leaked to admit to some shocking things so as to hide far worse things? Who knows? I don't!

What I have been doing, what I always did and continue to do is see, discover and reveal the truth. There was only ever so much I could with with my current limited mobility range and finances. Probably why they have refused all the support I should be getting?! Probably why I will be refused this yet again when others with only one of my conditions and that itself being only a suspected condition got paid thousands of pounds and I won't?

I will probably get nothing from the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman but the way I handled them was to make them show themselves to also be corrupt and performing grand scale fraud along with ask other Ombudsman so the fact I get nothing after insinuating I would get a substantial amount is OK. Because it means I caught someone else out being corrupt.

Unlike all those that have been caught out by myself and the many other decent and honesty people out there I did do this to help my country and the British people. I had the skill-set and balls to do it based on me being forced into a corner for twenty years like a scared and wounded animal.

I stated previously that they created me and now you for understand how they did this, hopefully?

By being so utterly depraved, greedy and lazy to boot they got only created me but I also manipulated them to carry on being greedy and even cockily warned them while posting this all on here just to make them look even incompetent than they already are!

This is the absolutely guaranteed end result when you or a bunch of self obsessed half wits that truly do believe money grows on trees yet cannot perform simple mathematics who are dishonest, fraudulent, far too ambitious and give jobs out to idiots they know or family friends even more incompetent than they are!

I will tell you one other thing I can fully guarantee that my truth does ... I fully guarantee you that it hurts! It hurts a hell of an lot but the pain had not reached its peak yet, not by a long shot! Not as far off as you may think either!

About a year I would say. We have this run up now to the General Election and whatever happens with that within a couple of months of whoever gets voted into power they would have then realised that I have covered everyone's backs with career poison?! Lol! So any rubbing off each others backs will end in utter disaster!

Because there is the undying want to protest in this country and it had been done all wrong and piecemeal. Over the next year hundreds of thousands of people will realise that they have done this all wrong. The different factions and campaigners need to come together in a common cause. They need to act and work together. This will truly create something that will be talked about in history books for hundreds of years!
Provided mankind has not destroyed itself or disappeared up is own backside during this time?

If your aggravated by of words being placed in here I apologise,_I did try to keep an eye out and corrected as many as I could.

If you really want to complain then send you emails to one of the biggest names of them all ... GOOGLE! LOL! As stated before it's there Android OS being utter crap ... no, no any fans can be quiet and keep incorrect fanboyism thoughts to yourself, I don't take prisoners!

Only two people were stupid enough to leave negative comments in two years and their ... hmm lets say quite obviously incorrect comments are chest to see, but silence makes me look guilty, scared or both. So I have them a digital dismembering. Anyone who have done wrong and ate on here, in posts or silly comments, I get feed up with explaining to think before opening the flood gates. I already long since stated I can't be wrong on here or proved wrong because only I look like an idiot at the end of the day.

I am not infallible and not am I perfect, hmm though I wish a certain someone would see me as this lol, and never have I claimed to be. I do get things wrong but I strive to keep this to a minimum.

Those that want to challenge me have to make sure that want to do the same!

I might sound to bold for some but to those I would say this befit they say, hmm or think, something silly ...
Sorry I did not realise there was a mitre obvious way to fight and beat almost all public services and the biggest retail names out there?! You will have to list your blog or website where you did better?

I started out with a plan not to be beaten and to show everyone everywhere the truth, because it's the only true way things will change. Not just hearing the things you want to and wandering if into the darkness for another few years before realising you have been filled again!

The last twenty years had for strait worse and it will continue on unless it is firstly revealed and then stopped and done now! Because if we do somehow survive this without dealing with the issue directly then it will happen again and survive this we might, survive the next one we won't!

It's bad because if the amount of people there are. They band together into groups to do underhanded things and the more in a group the bigger they get. This happens at both ends too! Only to group at the top grown in single digits while those at the bottom grow in tens of thousands.

It is inevitable that the larger of the group will ... kick off and the bigger that group is the worse it will be and no amount of crooked, fraudulent rich people and their personalised and also crooked and fraudulent Police forces will be able to stop them! With each week they get outnumbered by an every growing ratio.

In the last five years this difference has rapidly grown due to the fact that the Police have awarded themselves so much money over the last twenty years out of greed that they have not been taking anyone on fur awhile. Not even the Paper Bag Police either!

The larger portion may have had the rough ride for the longest time of all but those at the top while sucking the blood dry will in time have the roughest rides of all and will realise this with the sheer numbers and no point standing there looking worried either.

The press you have had along with the press you will have over the next 6 months to a year will only have the people even angrier with you.

Now take a guess who will be to blame for that?!

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