Monday, 7 July 2014


I am not in a good mood ... oh you could tell? Lol!

I have had this good damn nauseating feeling that had been dogging me for days and it's more often there than not lately.

I have tried two pills of the Domperidone, two pills of the Prochlorperezine, I think they were called, and I have even tried both at the same time with two of each! Nothing, Nada, zip, zilch!

It really is getting me down!

Anything I do that can bring it on dies in mere moments and even seconds. I started playing a game and after several grabs of my neck in the space of five minutes I literally gave up and could not even look at my desktop screen afterwards!

I decided to get up and do something I completely forgot about because I felt I was going to throw up, despite having only had two slices of toast. I tried to them just lie down but befit I could the feeling was pissing me of so I headed for the toilet and such two fingers down my throat several times but could not income vomiting to the point of bringing anything up.

I had hood to force something that either have the feeling finally go afterwards, though with my luck ...
I have resorted to this from time to time despite not mentioning it on here, our at least I do not think I have?
The thing with this blog is that I do miss things out. I have missed out a lot of things which I do not really worry about at all.

Some could be forgiven for thinking 'how in the hell can their be things missed out with everything that has been posted about in two years?! The answer is ... a lot. A hell of a lot!

For instance despite how much I posted in the early days I did not post anywhere near as much as I sent to the tabloids and TV News media! Possibly even as much as 50% was left out and with many I had intended to go through things and post much more but fugues I had posted more than enough. To get some peoples attention at least and I dare say that there are tens of thousands of people that have been on here the last three months have no idea to the mountain of documents and recordings I posted up in the first two or the months?!

So incomplete.

Then there is the reason that not only was it enough but I would continue to set things up over the next couple of years so I would get more ... a lot more.

Now here is where those that have access to these recordings of audio, video and mountains of documents on here are privy to something the news media and tabloids never were. That would let people to their own realisations I already knew and namely asking a series of questions starting with the word 'why'.

Asking the way there were many things I intended to post but did not, forgotten mostly due to Fibromyalgia, other distractions going on our likely both or could not be bothered then forgot.

So incomplete then.

But that is how I wanted it really but it worked out better than I thought and have two accounts with the media posting and the blog posting with both incomplete.

Both together are indeed incomplete and will never have a full account performed by myself. If ever done this would have to be undertaken by someone else, whether this be an extremely focused and driven individual or some large group.

Then there is the issue of trust and should go without saying that there should be some ... caveats before this could occur. This really should be in the minds of some right now, if not later in the year followed by an approach someone after. If it ever reaches that ... no it will reach that just could be later than I think. Depends how narrow minded some week stubbornly remain? Or perhaps when the story outweighs any ... fringe benefits had up until that point.

So I sit here typing, no sliding my stylus to and fro bow feeling sick while giving my fingers sideways glances wondering if ... no when this will occur. However this will likely be between to he post, pardon the pun, by other things also rapidly approaching the time they should start to occur?

Not the thing you might think either, which still provides details of a much larger corruption scandal by the biggest name there is in the world they will never survive. No not that as it was obvious before to long that this is definitely FUBAR! I just had to show this to be the same FUBAR I see to everyone else. Already in the dog house and a rapidly growing number if people who distrust and even hate them they don't care.
Because like a lot of idiots they think that acquiring a massive amount of cash is all you need. They think that desire showing disrespect to their customers and user base this has no effect on them. What they fail to realise with all their intelligence is that all this does is provide a slow and certain death.

Because as people see the truth the now that need to see the longer it takes. Here is where they are extremely naive and stupid but think themselves so not.

They also miss the fact that with so many people naively using them and not knowing the mitre there are then the longer it takes.

Important point number three missed is that the longer it takes then the longer they are seen to have performed their evil acts when it reached a tipping point!

Fortunately there simply is no way around this ... except to wait until the population of the planet had doubled then it takes twice add king to get around. The outcome is the same though.

In fact I do have this interesting theory that the longer it takes and the longer it is realised en masse that they have been at it I think the demise will turn out to be far worse in severity for the longer the duration they have been at it?

But it's only another one of my mass theories, what do I know?

After all I am never right, no that's not right ... I am hardly ever right ... no, wait a minute?!

Now if you will excuse me I have to go and stick two fingers up!

This really needs to be placed in my Fibromyalgia Two Zero Two post but is kind of the epilogue, lol, to this post too.

It turns out I was reminded of a couple of things I forgot to include in my Fibromyalgia report, but I am sure I would have mentioned them in here in the past.

I found out what at least was making the feeling sick staying stubbornly on awful levels as well as what was making me want to vomit!

The former was lack of food and I just do not get hungry sometimes and also forget to eat.

The other one is air and this of faint dispositions stop reading now ...

a second and determined go with the two pronged assault resulted in vomiting ... AIR!

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