Monday, 7 July 2014


It has not exposed my attention that America has a legal battle going on that could expose the existence of a paedophile ring that could beat our own in the UK!

Before I comment on this I have to say that it's involving something that is annoying.

When I was a child I was very big on comics based on people with super powers. Many of these have been made into films while others I patiently wait for only ever seeing then mentioned to be in and out of production.

Of those that have been made into movies are in order of how I rated the comics are

Spider Man
The Avengers
Of those I still wait for are ...
Justice League
Silver Surfer

Legion of Super Heroes (set in future, descendants of present day DC heroes including Mon-El)
The first two X Men films were good with one better than the other which were then ruined by two mediocre films.

Then Marvel showed how these films sound be done with the brilliant Iron Man and The Avengers.
This, from what I have read, had led to a fantastic X Men fill of one if it's greatest stories in Days of Future Past. They screed yo the Sturt of the Death of Dark Phoenix and even ruined it from early on by killing the very central character to the X Men, Cyclops, who was the leader throughout the entire famous run if the comic.

SDI imagine my pleasant surprise when a certain Bryan Singer announced that they would be working on a follow up to Days of Future Past with Apocalypse?! This whither famous X Men story thigh I have trouble recalling this one. Thank .. you ... FIBROFOG! LOL!

Almost immediately there is another story about Bryan Singer being taken to court over accusations of forced sexism actions involving an unnamed British actor?! By golly, if true then this British actor must be thinking 'Holey Moley! What is with all these shocking revelations over under age Swedish activities both sides of the pond?!'

Now there is a battle and from someone who is a massive fan of these super hero movies and X Men especially I have to ask if these revelations may actually be true but that money and the pay and careers of actors and film studios will trump any justice being done?

Despite what he may have done for the X Men movies if he is guilty then he is guilty. Anyone who instantly defends him because he is working on their favourite films should hand their heads! I say this because I saw one dumb arse actually dating something to this effect and I thought 'You amoral idiot! Do you actually watch this fur the good guys b because it does not sound like it?'

I also find it odd that someone who could have performed these acts on another individual could write and direct a movie based on heros is somewhat hypocritical. Tends to make me wonder if a film of this nature would have it's story suffer, or at least the moral backbone of the stories?

The lure of the comics was that despite all the real world issues that a secret identity may suffer once you out on the mask or the suit you still do what is morally correct.

So as much as I love certain movies and movie genres, this one in particular, it should not be in any circumstances no matter who the individuating that amoral actions ate amoral actions and that evil petiole should be punished for their wrongdoings against another individual!

It had been a long standing joke here in the UK and likely other areas too that money was with more than a human life, thigh this may well be true if that life is Charles Manson or Myra Hindley but in most cases it is not.

The trouble with jokes like this about society is it is used as society's way of accepting a situation instead of 'nipping it in the bud' so to speak?! If this is done this opens the way for fat more depraved acts to start to take place. While stating if money still remains to of the list in the eyes of the law.

Indeed it is this gauge which is used in the minds of the people to judge whether or not any given sentence handed out is a worthy one.

Now think now? Grab a piece of paper and a pen, how many sentences have been passed out for people that would commit physically harmful acts to others have you found disgusting? Do a Google search. There is bound to be someone, somewhere that has made a list?

Then write one for the sentences given out for crimes that do not involve anyone getting hurt but do involve money? Do they seem excessively long to the first list?

How many people are involved in making laws and how much money does the industry receive out of the taxpayers purse?

As stated I realised a long time ago that despite the jokes being funny they really should be taken as a warning that it's widely known this is going on and that it should be nipped in the bud!

Maybe one day and before too long?

Until then we will see what happens with this little fiasco and hopefully it won't be blazingly obvious it's not a cover up for the money?!

I am not overly confident, it must be said.

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