Tuesday, 1 July 2014


I am going to get around to tidying my house in a minute?!
Checked emails and I have a email from PC World telling me what to do which means that I have to go without this keyboard for several days before I get one they should have sent me in the first place?!
I think NOT!
Dear Wendy Doyle


You seem to have gone a bit quiet since my last email and its revelations which is quite obvious now that whoever set up this idea for all British Retailers to sell the British people a load od crap and refurbished goods as new, thereby actually devaluing both the pound and the wages of each member of the public, obviously thought British people were far too stupid to spot.

Now hat I find most interesting of all in all this is just how many naive and amoral British idiots there are that actually act against their fellow British citizens by actually backing up this kind of action, knowingly do it, and then actually try to defend it with lies.

Oddly you have not done this at the speed it is normally done which when started was a phone call to my mobile within thirty minutes with Argos and Sony to a day with B&Q to an email in a day or two with the others.

Lately I have decided that any email containing attempts to lie to me and defend this sordid practise by attempting to state it does not take place would be replied with an email that contains both the address of my blog, the numbers of people that I have attracted (being 130,000 I now find out Google has been missing a couple of ZEROS off the end meaning millions) along with the address of the blog and a link to the video in question, which is rather damaging for your company let me tell you!

Oh and if the silent treatment because there are ferocious conversations taking place with your legal departments then tell them not to bother! Trust me I am absolutely thorough when I do the things I do and make absolutely certain that whatever I think is going on, which is correct 90% of the time, I say it is only what I 'think'. Unless of course I have documentation/emails/screenshots/secretly recorded audio/video to prove what I state is true. The interesting thing is that not only did none of the subjects on my blog stop to think how much I had on them they also failed to ask themselves how much there is in total, over 100GB. At a quite conservative estimate of that I assure you.

But now just as all of the guns have fallen silent so do those I catch out almost immediately.

To be convince people that I know what I am doing as well as what I am talking about I did state for quite some time that in the event I am right and that all that I claim are corrupt and performing grand scale fraudulent things I stated then when the proverbial cat is out of the bag, or my existence and the threat I pose has reached the deaf idiots high enough in government, that all would fall silent ... together and simultaneously.

I must admit though that your own silence is a first as it was immediate to what I told you though this was surprisingly little other than that I know your selling refurbished stuff and not advertising it as such which is quite illegal.

Even the naive and the basic human reactions of all that I cover and being so predictable all serve to tell me a story I can then explain on my blog to extremely good effect. I had a friend here yesterday that laughed at what I told him but recently had a disagreement in a shop over being sold crap and stated this to the sales person. They suggested Argos where he stated he knew they were selling him crap and the sales person did not bat an eyelid at this claim and said 'well yeah but as long as you advertise it' to which he point out that they did not and he was talking about their new items.

It is because of first off Very Catalogue (so include Littlewoods and Isme in that), Argos and then B&Q doing this that I ended up going to your store which both and and many of these that follow me and my personal friends and family saw as the last bastion where electrical goods are involved. 

Now I cannot help but wonder if any new goods actually enter the UK directly from the manufacturers any more and I find it likely now this is not the case and that UK based HQ's exist merely as a front in their attempts in their cloak and dagger attitudes towards the British public and likely do very little.

Or as an example Nikon UK lied to me about several issues, as well as their engineers getting it wrong, of both their cameras, supply and their authorised dealers which they have now proved are not worth a wet ... Ice Cream Sunday!

So to recap then, I have a Corsair Vengeance K70 Professional Mechanical Keyboard that is made of solid aluminium but which has a large buckle in said aluminium that could only have happened while being completely out if its box and all its wrappings!

Therefore a substandard and inferior product being worth LESS than the value expected by your company for purchase is now sitting on my lap and becoming infamous along with all my other videos on my YouTube account and also within my blog posts! As is your stunned silence I might add as will any further silence that continues for the next week or more.

I am awaiting your company's decision on what to do about this.

Believe me when I say that a great deal of professional people that the British public attach much more intellect to than they happen to possess have been laid bare by me and completely slain for all to see and hear on my blog. These contain a dozen GPs and Doctors along with paper work of embarrassment about three dozen in total spanning over fifteen years along with Police Officers, Paper Bag Police Officers and Police Detectives, Bailiffs, Courts, Local Councils and a fair few others.

With all that I simply do have to ask ...
... are you seriously trying to think something up instead of just dealing with the problem swiftly?

If so do you really not see how this will end up looking quite bad for you if you continue?

Over confidence and delusions of grandeur are one of those things that I have actually taken from those I have opposed and turned it in on themselves to rather great as well as an extremely embarrassing (for them) effect.

I would much rather this was sorted out quickly as I have enough evidence and data on my blogs and I now find out I have half a million followers (read followers and not visitors). The fact that I have reached this number in a little over 18 months means that in another 18 months things in Britain are going to look very different, very different indeed.

Now I still look forward to hearing what your company has decided to do.


Martin Haswell BSc


Dear Oliver

And, pray tell, what do I do for a keyboard during this time?

I bought a keyboard and I expect a keyboard in my hands from the very moment I hand this keyboard back, unless of course you are stating that you are willing to compensate me for loss of work and time?!

I did state to you that when I emailed you about selling me a refurbished product as new that I write on blogs, hence why I went for a keyboard that used Cherry MX switches. I have posted over a dozen blogs in the last 48 hours.

Now I already told you what you need to do, you already look bad on my blogs of 500,000 people and not to mention that the UNBOXING video of the keyboard is on YouTube were last a I looked a few weeks back I have over 40,000 visitors.

Deliver a keyboard to the local branch as you are well able to do and I will return with this keyboard. I cannot even begin to describe the reaction from someone locally when he saw the very noticeable buckle in the aluminium right where the volume scroll wheel is that actually cause your finger to rub against the buckled metal as well as the scroll wheel! This is a man who is confrontational at the best of times who previously laughed off my claims I post on my blog but has now had a row about this matter with things he has purchased.

I would not like to be the owners of any of the companies I have caught on video or secretly recorded audio come this Christmas and worst still the following one, if they still exist by Christmas 2015 of course?

Now you give me a day and a time and I will return with the keyboard to your local store.

Easy enough?


Martin Haswell BSc

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