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Funny is it not?

They claim there is no money, they kick the poor, the needy and the disabled in the teeth along with all the working classes by allowing the biggest names in retail to sell us refurbished goods that are damaged, faulty or both and yet they have £1.1 Billion to give to a defence we no longer need, or is outdated and inadequate!

Let's get real!

The defence as it stands is only of any use if we get invaded by a European country, which is never going to happen. Anyone else invading would have to passed through sea or airspace owned by other countries and that is not going to happen.

Then we have to think of us going ... will there! They're must be possibly theoretical situations where this would be possible ... thinking here for a moment ... sure I will think of one in a moment ... of course I am trying to think of one whereby we are not either after something of extensive value or ask to be paid back for our trouble to the point your making money from it. Well I suppose I hills really day mercenaries for hire ... despite it being unknown by the soldiers ordered to do this.

Oh I gave up thinking of a hypothetical situation!

Not a good thing to read when I have been out all day once again trying to help with something the public services have fucked up yet again! I also had to go over on my bike and felt a bit ill on the way over and wondered if I might have a child or flu conning on. I seemed to be OK most of the time but did feel nauseous a few times later on. Then when I finally got home I was feeling a different kind of nauseous of the kind that you usually get when your about to come down with an illness like flu or some other bug?

While out someone stated to me that something that gets stated to them and that they state to others is that this country is going mad. A situation arise that involved several private individuals and some local school staff that has purple doing the usual thing in this country, acts of self preservation, self obsession and completely selfish.

I pointed out that I noticed that the what offenders I keep seeing,experiencing, being told about it watching from afar all seem to be white English people. I said I did not know why but maybe the obvious thing would be to put it down that because society and the public services have been unfair against white English for so long now that they have turned against each other and going for each others throats?!

Many times drugs are involved in these things it had to be said.

Whether or not a lot of people that have been victim to an unfair system have turned to drugs for solace I do not know.

As for everyone testing each other like she ask the time and the things done to each other seemingly getting worse is down to successive governments giving out the impression that lying and cheating is not only OK but the way things are expected to be done today? Everyone voting for the two halves of the same thing does not help either and they ask lie and cheat.

Of course the media love working these idiots despite them reporting that it had Bern accepted today and joked about for years that politicians are not honest and always lie ...

So why ducking ask them anything at all, DICKWADS?!

Good God, they take are stupid and pathetic ... so busy excitedly reporting the worse atrocities or acting disappointed that it did not turn out to be that shocking they fail to realise how themselves have stated to look to everyone that has more than six brain cells.

Tabloids have there own ... idiosyncrasies that have now been aired to the world and befit long TV News Groups will have theirs of this I have little doubt.

If I was to be out on the spot and asked what I thought it would likely turn it to be I works day that thigh many do not realise it TV News is big business and that there had been a terrible attitude today of increasingly sitting on their fat arses and requesting that viewers, who pay the BBC a licence fee already, send in videos, pictures and stories?!

News stories are sold to other news groups you know! So get lots of free stories, videos and pictures then probably sell these to others.

However this sat on their backsides with missing thumbs dues not apply to the reporters they have in each capital of the world just in case a terrible atrocity or natural catastrophe or indeed outbreak of war occurs.
I would imagine that is terribly expensive?

As, I imagine, works be decades of covering up a paedophile ring network that involved dozens of your celebrities and other staff plus any major league big names also associated with these celebrities?
A hell of a lot of money.

Taxpayers money as it is in essence a tax!

Funny that?!

The story is the same wherever you look, an enforced payment of money which is in essence a mugging, then abuse and waste the money whereby the following year or term you need more because you wasted so much and paid yourself too much. But not being happy with being paid this much, having enough parties, free champagne, first class flights and hotels just so we can be fed the same old shite over and over again desire us not being interested in most of it?!

Or indeed getting bored with the same old shit, arguments, wars, claims of supremacy based on religious beliefs, over money or power, land or whatever other crappy reason that causes the same old shite?!

I think it has to stop at some point whether they wake up and change or someone forces them to.

What worries me at times as how far down that wrong path it gets befit everyone decides to fire the issue? Too long and the enforced change can be accompanied with ire and fireworks!

Told the friend I saw what Atos and the DWP recently told me about yet again insisting on assessing me despite sending them the letter from Guy's Hospital with the Fibromyalgia diagnosis! She was shocked and then said it was typical of the corrupt and lying duo because someone they knew who only had a possible diagnosis had their assessment cancelled and received backdated payments to the value of over £2,000.
Again I got the live about how they only backdate so far, so one minute claiming corruption and then writing the rules. People want to figure out what they think is going on and stick with it, lol.

I explained ... AGAIN as I so often have to do, that I had been claiming this fur over ten years and that the reasons are the same each time. I then said that this is their trickery and have and how they get away with it and that I know this and she every possible escape route!

I stated that I have claimed for over ten years, stated that on each occasion I told them the same thing all the way though and that in all that time I have also asked for a diagnosis.

Now on the face of it here you can see how it works, it is not that hard the way I did it. A claim while trying to get a diagnosis and then a long awaited diagnosis.

Squirm, lie, make excuses suddenly take ten times longer than they were already doing which was ridiculous and how forgetting that it was long since understood that I don't attend assessments a million miles away and conveniently not having a file where I have already stated to them by way of letter post as well as by email and even on previous applications. Nope. Suddenly all this is forgotten .. like borllacks it is!!

I also pointed out that because of the attitude which had spread from person to person without anyone even knowing it and that I was well aware I have to wait for my blogs to pierce through this stubbornness and reach people and this in itself is one hell of a job! If of course it ever succeeded which means it would also have to do this with enough people.

Hopefully I works also be able to explain to people how and why others react the way they do?

Unfortunately many that do not get things, but would sure want to join in the reaping of any rewards, don't because they do not listen. If something being spoken about does not directly affect them they switch off and later when it becomes important they have to be told about it so over again! Madness.

So many completely miss the whole point of teaching is someone explaining something that they either know or experienced before anyone else ... otherwise what is the point of telling them?

But maybe it's a case of 'It won't ever happen to me'?

But the point of the teachings is that it happens in 90% of the public services and retail outlets and soooo ... it is only a matter of time!

But it ... DOES NOT ... COMPUTE!

If I ever sigh when someone asks me something this is because I had already tried to explain this and remember the eyes glazing over at the time!

I cannot remember all the important little details and then successfully retain them all until someone bloody ends up in the same situation or something similar?

I have a crap memory to start with and not a mind reader or a sooth sayer! More is the pity!

I have also seen more of the fact that body language war telling me that they are utterly confident about their negativity about my blogs, lol. I did try to explain some simple mathematics and the basic fundamentals but was stopped several times by an inordinate amount of phonecalls, rows, menial household tasks and all other things!

Well I did try and at the end if the day it means bigger all to me, I did what I needed to and had a chat with a kid I liked about certain aspects and oddly the truth was bent about a bit where it was not down to me anymore.

Umm sorry bout this was about getting the boy and that's based on being honest, but sitting facts to suit yourself. Suddenly the fact that I mentioned to properties, only in theory mostly, of elements above the sonic weight off 110 several times had nothing to do with the fact he decided to go off and read about them?
No he just happened to read about a little known subject in science I just happen to know about, of curse why did I not realise that?

Also it turns out that one of the issues was that he now true to do other kids from hurting or killing animals and this is something I instilled in him because he was like this too. I explained the beauty and wonders of wildlife and over time this seemed to sink in? In fact he laughed when I stated that this was the boy who used to asked me what chemicals he could but to create something to view this up?! To animals on occasion and I said that this was disappointing and that wildlife was a beautiful thing, but to look at.

I spent a long time exposing that desire is better and wonderment that not to listen to religious freaks that think God made it all because to us it's beautiful but to the animals it's a warzone! Butterflies are constant scared of birds while they scare of Birds of Prey and any other things that look nice but the reality is very different.

I also explained that this nature freaks with rise tinted glasses also did damage to the animal kingdom. Everyone had a different idea and I have yet to hear a correct one! They only exist to extort money from the public or from government by coming across as caring or campaigning for one thing or another.

These for me are the worst type of animals and I am referring to people here. Because they receive money and sirens it doing niue harm than good. Even recent history is listed with catastrophic failure based upon these differing rules. I have listed them on these blogs from time to time. I will not go through them all in here I would have to be up all-night ... AGAIN?! I do not want to do that again especially with the sickly feeling I currently have as tomorrow would be a nightmare, it truly would!

I digress ... a fair amount!

But hey?! Not to worry as the Prime Minister had well over a built-in quid to hands over to the defence?!
So either he is a FUCKING idiot?! Or they have been lying about having no money? Or, or perhaps handing out the only money that had to the military was to make the public think they had a lot more than they actually have so that naive morons would vote them in because the election is in led than a year?!

Doing this will keep the deal in the media for several weeks if not several months so have over a billion pounds being flung about the place in an irresponsible manner must mean they have succeeded?!

Week who could have ever spotted that little plot? A genus plan that one?!


PM announces £1.1bn defence spending

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