Tuesday, 15 July 2014


Google's utter shit Operating System and Blogger App strikes once again and now twice in a row!!

Thank you Google, so nice to be constantly remind that only your own time and thumbs yo your own arses is with anything!!

Start yet again you fecking numb nuts!!

So where was I and what did I lose?

So I was sent this link below by someone I know. He discovered my and turned out this blog pops up in a lot of places he tells me. He himself is not only well aware of the corruption I report but he had a fair few stories to tell himself.

I should ask him if he had a webpage and plonk his link on here! He is on Facebook and added me on there.

Below is the link he sent me and I nearly choked when I saw the fact that someone who was both a judge and a baroness is retorted to have covered you the paedophile ring somehow?!

A former ... JUDGE!!

Also of interest is ... ohh let me message him on his wall ...


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