Thursday, 10 July 2014


When I get up to the NHS Cockfosters NHS place, umm no idea what it is called lol, I met a lady who told me they do not give you Doctors anymore. She said you have to go to NHS England but when I explained that NHS England were now refusing to answer me over knowing the truth, recording the truth and publishing the truth they refuse to do that which they claim they cannot and will not do with murderers, paedophiles and shooters! Treat me....even if badly and cheaply!

She agreed and seemed more interested so I explained about the falsification of the ultasound scan, the two attempts at labeling me as violent, oh because everyone believes and trusts a Doctor right?, and this blog!

She then said it must be happening to her and asked me if it was true that they can only refer you three times?! Apparently that seems to be what they said or insinuated and they have not been able to find out what is doggedly driving her up the wall, the poor dear, but dont care and show this without a doubt.

It was infully clear to anyone without hearing problems that she had a problem!

I suggest a ttrip to Moorfield's Hospital which is near City Road station. Off the tube at City Road and head north from the roundabout towards New North Road and it is on your left after around 100 yards!

Good luck!

Oh ... she was interested in this blog so I gave her the address and she gave me a number to ... err medical records which is who she said I would have to contact!

EDIT: Thought my reputation may have preceded me and/pr get some slip ups about what is said about me but this was obviously not going to happen and that is the recording!

At the same time I also saw a arch shaped building that a guy I was  PA for, who himself was both an architect and a commercial property conveyancing expert and his wife a solicitor who own her own practice, had his eye on, wanted to start up a new business. Then he wanted to buy the entire block of several thousand offices right on the north end of Cockfosters' High Street and employ dozens people, put me in charge come up with modern like designs to make the building startling in its appearance and sell it off or rent off sections, I cannot remember. Likely keeping a section of it as our offices before moving onto the next project?

Again cannot remember! Lol!

His name was Chistopher Barlow and I can say that because a couple of years after we fell out which hurt him and he never found out was down to the NHS and DWO, he died!

He was rather proud of our friendship but unfortunately like so many before him got the wrong impression about me due to the lack oaf action and help by the NHS and literally did that because he could not believe the things I stated that went on ... well he simply did not believe they went on!

The NHS are very, VERY lucky people. Had he not died of a brain tumour I can tell you now that he would have taken the NHS and DWP to court and ripped them a new arsehole over the breakdown of our friendship. A breakdown that was no doubt wound up by someone I thought a long life friend I have no doubt wound the situation up and like another friendship I had were I taught much to for free and helped them breed various fish, amphibians and reptiles he then went and sucked it dry without a buy or leave, nor thanks to anyone else.

Ooh in the event of interested parties you can bet your bottom dollar his pants grow heavy in weight and aroma at the thought of his true nature, craftiness and ego being found out on a nationwide scale?!

Unlike most others around me, I am not vindictive despite having far, FAR more reason to be. IN fact he spent ages running around, and still does, after the mother of the boy being bullied! Did so thinking I did not know, did so despite the fact at 8 years or so older than me and with me thinking I was too old for her this did not stop him.

In fact one local guy I know who knows him stated to me, I would not let him near any of my daughters! Lol!

He thinks himself highly thought of and simply has no idea that people know the real him and have not been impressed with this for some time!


Video Monologue of Offices ...

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