Friday, 25 July 2014


Well now here is a report that shows the simple truth behind all the lies and cheating that I have experienced via the NHS?!

Well ... questionable because the money trouble implies that this stated when the recession did. Except I have been lied to for three times longer than the recession has gripped us!

The link is to a report that states the financial state of the NHS trusts are nine to good ...

... Over inflated salaries and all those marches abut pay rises for the already overpaid still took phase though?!

What I am doing on this blog is not a whole lot different, except I am starting that they have saved their fecking cash at the expense of my pain, finances, career in IT or several other sciences for way over 15 years now! Fighting me over this and continuing to do so and I will, make no mistake, continue to hammer in the nails until all the fingers of those that wool eventually suffer financially well all point to just a handful of names.

This is nothing compared to what had been done to not just me but my family and friends to. Bizarre then that a charity supposedly there to aids sufferers of my condition, FibroAction, and one of several seem to think that treatment of patients of my condition in this way for the best part of twenty years is perfectly OK and not allowed to be referred to in the slightest form.

Huh? A funny sounding charity and sorry group?!

I don't know thus far how many of these charity and support groups exist for Fibromyalgia but I was already familiar with Fibromyalgia Association UK. If there are many more it begs the question why there would be quite so many? Also the amount of sufferers would be segmented too which I need to give some thought too. I find this weird in all honesty. Never thought of this before with the number of cancer charities out there and beginning to realise that maybe I should have?! First I need to collect some numbers up at how many charities exist fur each set of conditions and then start asking myself why?

Warning over NHS trust finances

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